Zelda Gate of Time Clock

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So besides all the Pokemon GO action that’s been going on this past week, the one game that has stayed on the back of my mind since E3 is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’m a huge Zelda fan and the hype for this game for me could not be more real. As a result I’ve started lurking around the Zelda subreddit and stumbled across this beauty.

This is a custom made clock by reddit user nobo13 that’s based off the Gate of Time from Twilight Princess and it’s beautiful. I can only speculate as to the entire process of how it was made but my guess would be cut glass (or thick plastic) with a holographic foil done over the etched on designs. It’s a stunning piece regardless, and they say they do have plans to sell them in the future so keep an eye on this subreddit post if you’d like to hear more on them in the future, or stalk their etsy store instead. 😉


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