Craft Hackers is the team of Quiltoni and Craftigurumi.  With their combined crafty forces they will one day rule the world with fabric and yarn. Look at their pages to learn more (and possibly get special GenCon discounts). Be on the lookout for new partners that are teaching under the Craft Hacker brand! Anywhere you see the name Craft Hackers you know you will learn a lot while having fun!

Who is Quiltoni?

Toni!  She has been selling her original Comic Book and Video Game quilts at conventions for years. Her pattern line of pixelated quilts teach the basics of quilting while teaching experienced quilters new techniques. She also travels to teach classes, lecture, and give trunk shows.

Lately she has been teaching classes online and has turned her online store into a fabric shop!  Tune in to Twitch to chat with her live and don’t forget to see the classes she is offering for GenCon Online (open to everyone!)

What is Craftigurumi?

Well, it’s the long work in progress of one woman (Nicole) as she found one form of art that she loved more than any other. The word comes from the smushing together of the words ‘craft’ and ‘amigurumi’. Which basically just means that I love to makes things out of yarn, and sometimes other mediums as well. I’ve been pursuing art as a career since I was around 16, and have only just focused on making it craft/yarn based since about 2010.

Lately Nicole has fallen back in love with her first hobby, cross stitching, and has been working on designs and kits for all skill levels.