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Hello there Thursday readers!

It may be starting to get a little frosty outside, which means we can find ways to keep nice and toasty inside… by making things look frosty…..? Yes, that is what I meant to say. I’ve got a quick tutorial on making frosted branches so that you can make some beautiful centerpieces and other decor for your home around the holidays.  The best part it it glitters in candlelight. So everybody wins.  I found a tutorial here at The V Spot Blog, which I will use as a guide, and some of their handy photos, but as always, I will have things to add or a different way it can be done.

The materials are simple. You need some spray on adhesive, epsom salts, some coarse white glitter and some fine iridescent glitter.  I think that if you’re really into glitter, you’d have no problem switching some of that to a silver, for a little more sparkle.  V Spot also recommends using some white spray paint, so that your branches will look snowed upon. I think this is depending on your personal preference. I think that branches look beautiful without, but it looks snowier with it. So really it’s your preference. I’ll post some photos of both. What you do need to make sure you get is epsom salt. This is pretty easy to find in any local pharmacy – it’s used in baths to help relax muscles. The crystals in epsom salts are light, white, and all differently shaped so it makes for really beautiful ice crystals. Please don’t use rock salt for the roads. It’s usually coloured, and looks dirty.

Your first step, is to collect whatever branches you’d like to colour. You can forage around your home, in your local park or along some walking trails.  You can also take a trip to your local craft/dollar/hobby store to buy some fake branches.  Found ones are more realistic and natural whereas the ones from a hobby store may have cranberries, or holly or boughs of pine.  Select whatever suits your fancy as you can use this technique on both natural and synthetic branches.  After you’ve got your foliage, you need to spray them white, or do a dusting of white spray paint if you’d like them to look like they’ve been snowed on. Please do this outside in a well ventilated area with proper coverage in the area you’d like to spray on. Lay down a plastic bag.  A tarp. Newspaper. Something that means you don’t need to scrub spray paint from your driveway.

Your next step, when your paint is dry, or possibly your first step if you want to omit the white paint, is to spray a coat of adhesive all over the branches. Before the adhesive dries, you will need to sprinkle the epsom salts all over the branches. Both V Spot and I recommend that you have something underneath like a cookie sheet, or parchment paper, to catch the crystals that don’t stick so you can reuse them.

Your next step is to repeat the steps above first with the coarse glitter then with the fine glitter. I would do this step over parchment paper as opposed to a cookie sheet as it will be easier to reuse the glitter (it slides easier on paper) and you can just toss the paper when you’re finished, perhaps helping to avoid having glitter everywhere for weeks.

Though it doesn’t say this on the blog, I would probably spray a final coat of adhesive just to seal everything in.  A thing to note with this method though, is you have used salt. Which means if they get wet, they may melt, even though you do have an adhesive on. So try to use these in a dry place or indoors.

You can use this method to achieve so many different looks, it’s amazing:


This uses the same technique with a white spray that is a little more careful, and sprinkling that is a little more strategic, but all the same steps can be used with pine and pinecones.

Photo from Pintrest showing a cranberry branch that was decorated without the white paint.

Or what about on natural wood without paint?

Photo from

And lastly, Triviasuite has a photo of smaller branches done in the same way, though without the white paint:

This is a really easy and versatile way to make almost any foliage holiday ready, no matter what the size or what type it is.


I hope you enjoyed it… Happy crafting!


~ Megan

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