Embracing the Mess

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The rise of “Pinterest Perfect” crafting fills me with dread. It looks beautiful, it is arranged beautifully, it is made to look easy. But, to me, what it never particularly looks like is fun.

Halloween is such a fun time, and it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to Pinterest Perfection the way other holidays do. The types of decorations and costumes and crafts that I think of in conjunction with Halloween are messy, dirty, fun.


You cannot make a jack-o-lantern without getting messy. Your hands will be messy, your plate will be messy. You will later find pumpkin stuck in places and on furniture that will surprise you.

Haunted House staples are not just scary, but disgusting and gross to the touch or to look at. Eyeballs in jelly, messy blood spatters, We celebrate that which we normally avoid when Halloween comes along.

This is one of the reasons I feel Halloween has always been beloved by crafters. We understand that the Pinterest Perfect end product can only be found through a period of absolute, downright mess.

Yes, you can get that perfect photo, but you have to be willing to put up with the mess to get there. And in fact, the Halloween ideas and photos that strike me most are the ones where you can still feel that mess, that uncontrolled disaster that is lying underneath the surface.

For me it’s like the difference between the beauty of a highly groomed garden and the beauty of wildflowers. They both hold beauty, but the raw, natural chaos has a striking quality that never ceases to draw the eye.

And this is also why Halloween is the perfect time to get your children involved. Children are inherently less bothered by mess. They are happy to get their paws in the mud, the blood, the crafting mess.

I am once again pleased to be involved in the Halloween costumes for my friend’s children this year. We will have bloody vampires and zombies running forth.

Embrace the mess this Halloween. A little blood never hurt anyone.


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