Craft fairs in hot weather

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Happy Wednesday! We are in the middle of festival and art show season now, especially if you live in the South. Temperatures are rising, and if you are going to be stuck outside for one or two days under a big canopy on the street, you need to remember to keep cool, hydrated, and away from that sun. When packing your things for a show, don’t forget the following items. It could keep you from getting sick or being miserable all weekend!

  • Bottled water and electrolyte drinks like Gatorade. You can freeze them and add to the bottom of your cooler instead of ice packs. There’s less melting, and you can hold the bottles on your neck for a cool break. Instead of soda, bring Gatorade. It can help restore your body’s balance when you sweat or overheat. Coleman and igloo both have some excellent coolers on wheels, and they are competitively priced on Amazon.
  • Finger food snacks. I like to pack heavy on protein, which fuels me longer in the day versus cheap carbohydrates like chips or candy. Prepacked hummus, vegetable sticks, cheese, and cold cuts like turkey or ham will keep well in your cooler. Low salt or raw nuts are also a great addition.
  • An extra gallon of water and a washcloth. You can wet the washcloth and remove any accumulated grit or sweat from your skin. We get sticky after a few hours, and this will make you more comfortable.
  • Sun block. Bring an SPF of at least 45. Spray sunblock is easier to apply, but the cream version can also help moisturizer your drying skin. Make sure to reapply hourly, and don’t forget your feet and ears!
  • A wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. You are under a tent, but asphalt reflects the light into it. I’ve been burned severely under a tent, thinking I’m safe. A hat will also help keep sweat off of your face. Sunglasses will help keep your eyes safe from the glare, and lessen the strain. You can also bring eye drops to refresh them.
  • Lip balm. Keeps your lips from getting chapped with all the talking and the heat. You can also use bag balm or Carmex if you need a medicated version. You can find an excellent handmade lip balm here.
  • Wear cooler layers of clothing. Natural fabrics breathe better, and jeans can get hot and miserable fast. Lighter colors will reflect heat instead of absorb it.

If you are miserable, customers will notice. Do your best to stay cooled off and comfortable so you can concentrate on dealing with everything else!

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