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Perusing around Etsy for some fun geeky things, I stumbled across the wonderful shop of Neurons Not Included. It’s full of all sorts of fun geekery from across the board, anything from pop culture references to the human anatomy. They have an assortment of mugs, jewelry, ornaments, and magnets. It was their aluminum cuff bracelets that caught my eye.

This one specifically:

I’m a bit of a camera and photography nerd, so anything camera related makes me excited that I can wear my camera nerdiness without actually wearing a camera :-p

There is an assortment of geeky cuffs, like a chain of pixel hearts, a quote from Nikola Tesla and words spelled with elements from the periodic table.

Check out this fun hair clip:

There are others that look like zippers and neurons as well.

Then they have magnets, the following is a personal fave:

I'm a lumberjack- geeky funny magnet- 2 inch x 3 inch

I sing this song all the time, I had a good giggle over the fact that they made it into a magnet. As with their cuffs and hairclips there is an assortment of magnets, which are all very fun and nerdy.

The items are all made by Cindy and Randy Green in their spare bedroom turned studio. They print off all their designs and assemble all their pieces in house. Neurons not Included has quite the assortment of geeky items that one could use to show off their geekyness is fun ways. Check them out at:


Meet the Hackers: Con Bravo Edition

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Hey everyone!

Do you live near the greater Toronto area and wanna meet some of the Craft Hackers staff? If so, you’re in luck as myself and Toni will be in the artist alley at Con Bravo this weekend! 😀

We’ll be selling our crafts and talking to people about Craft Hackers. You’ll find us at section G05, and we would love to meet you guys in person. While I’m sure we’d be the highlight of your trip, Con Bravo is also a great overall geek culture convention with all sorts of panels and shows about anime, gaming, sci-fi, TV, movies and so much more. It starts at 5pm today and runs all weekend until 6pm on Sunday, July 20th. Though the programing does stop at 1am so we can all get some sleep. 😉

Ticket costs can all be found here, but At-Door full weekend costs are $45CAD, with At-Door Dailies ($25 FRI/$35 SAT/$25 SUN)CAD.

Toni and I are looking forward to a great weekend, and if you’re planning on attending we would love it if you’d come stop by our tables and say hi. ^_^


Fantastical Jewlery

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I know this is like my third jewelry post in as many months, but now you know I wasn’t lying when I said I love jewelry. I just couldn’t wait any longer to feature this artist as she has jewelry right in line with what I like to wear as well!

Arcturus II by YouniquelyChic

Ugh, just look at those gorgeous blues, greens with that gold wiring. And it has a matching pendant that is even more beautiful. Not to mention all the stones are Swarovski crystals. Okay, okay, I’ll stop drooling I swear.

The artist is a lovely lady named Tara, and her company is called YouniquelyChic. She is a full time jewelry making artist whose work seems largely inspired by fantasy and modern industrial. Yup, that means she also does steampunk.

Hades v9 by YouniquelyChic

She’s got dozens of examples up in her deviantart gallery that also include bracelets, hairpieces, ear cuffs and more. As soon as join me in adoration of her work, you can find her finished designs for sale on etsy. Do not be surprised if meet me in the future I happen to be sporting some of her work. 😀


Craft Hackers Quilt a Long

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Do you or anyone you know quilt?  Craft Hackers is going to hold a Quilt a Long through the forums.  It will be a block of the month format with a Halloween theme.  This is what the finished pattern is going to look like:

The list of materials is going to be posted August in the forums.  Each month a different block pattern will be posted and everyone will be encouraged to post their blocks which we will share here on the blog.  There are 12blocks in total and then the finished blocks will be assembled and quilted the last month.  The quilts will be finished just in time for Halloween 2015!

So tell all of the quilters you know and join us over in the forums in August.

Reinvention of the 1950’s apron

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Ok so I absolutely love to bake, which usually results in flour, powdered sugar, or whatever I might be working on splattered on the front of me. Right now I have one apron with a screen print of the Tardis on it, but it is more a standard apron. Now I have patterns for more traditional vintage style aprons but I was wondering if anybody out there made any geeky style aprons. Because if I’m gonna bake I want to do it while wearing something fun and inspiring. Well a quick etsy search later and I found DarkBalloons, she makes FANTASTIC vintage style aprons with a geeky flair. Just checking out her shop you’ll see some fun representations of your favorite pop culture and video came characters. These aprons are so adorable and elegant that it almost seems a shame to get them dirty, but hey that’s what an apron is for :-p

This is the apron I would LOVE to have as Princess Daisy is my fave Mario character:

Princess Daisy Apron

And how adorable is this Zelda apron:

Toon Zelda Apron

There are soo many more that I could post, just go check her out: These aprons are perfect for the geeky baker or chef, who wants an apron that is out of the ordinary and represents their geeky nature.


Congratulations to BigDaddyWiz

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BigDaddyWiz won our first craft contest we held in the forums with his awesome cross stitching.  He included the following with his submission:

I recently have been playing Earthbound (originally for the SNES) on my WiiU. I always enjoyed the quirkiness of the game and when one becomes homesick you need to call Mom to feel better. This particular quote is received in a text box during a conversation with an NPC at the shopping center you visit. I thought it fit perfectly with the contest. I threw the main character Nes, his Mom, and a phone into the box and stitched it all up!

He won his very own t-shirt that will proclaim the world that he is a winner!  Want one of your own?  Make sure you enter our July/August challenge with something “summer” themed.  Your submission does not have to be a particular craft.  As long as you make it yourself within the time frame it is eligible.

Want some awesome Craft Hackers merchandise for yourself?  You can now purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and tote bags of your very own that sport the Craft Hackers logo.  We are also updating the store with some great crafty items as well like this one:

So check out the store over at


Finding Found Art

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Found Art is not a medium that attracts me, as an artist, to experiment with. Unlike Abstract art however, this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it. There is such a range to be had in what can be created from already existing everyday pieces, and I wanted to highlight an artist that I recently discovered today whose shop is called All Natural Arts.

The artist and Owner, Sue, uses recycled, upcycled and repurposed objects to make all her wonderful steam-punk like creations. Most of pieces seem to all be nature inspired with sea life, bunnies, and the outdoors appearing often in her designs. As a born and raised East Coast lady from the US, I’m of course partial to the crab above, but man her bunnies are just so freakin’ cute!

Her work is by commission only as far as I can tell, but they would make a wonderful and unique gift for any sci-fi/fantasy fans you may know. I highly recommend checking out her work.


Soft, squishy and all kinds of adorable!

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Let me start this off with the fact that I may have an addiction to adorable plushy pillows. Whenever I go to a convention I tend to come home with some new and adorable pillow for our already over pillowed couch. I can’t help it, I just love the huggable, squishy-ness that is fun pillows. It is my hope that when my husband and I move to a new home that I can get neutral colored couches that I will collect adorable and unique throw pillows for. Some of these pillows will likely come from MyMimi on etsy. She makes pillows so adorable its almost painful :-p She has a history of being a toy designer and the pillows she designs in her studio definitely reflect that. Her designs have such wonderful personality and I hope to one day acquire a few for my home. Check her out on etsy:

Here are some of my faves (all images are from her etsy shop):

16 x 16" Pillow, Computer Pillow, Vintage, Retro, 8bit Heart, I Love You, Nerdy Pillow, Toy Pillow, Throw Pillow, Kawaii, Office Dorm Decor

Decorative Pillow, Geeky Pillow, Polaroid Camera, Retro Polaroid Camera, SX70, Old School, Office Decor, 16 x 16"

12 x 12" Cupcake Pillow, Stuffed Toy, Kids Room Decor, Children's Pillow, Kids Throw Pillow, Food Pillow, Kawaii Pillow

She has an assortment of geeky designs, food designs, and creatively fun whimsical designs. Her pillows are a perfect way to add some fun, adorable flair to one’s home.


Knights Helmet

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So the other day, my mother-in-law posted another post on things to do for children. It was a great and creative article called “42 Ingenious and Clever Tricks That Make Every Day Parenting So Much Fun.” Now I don’t have kids, but someday I hope too. I decided to look at the article for giggles. I was so blown away by number 5. It was the cutest hat for a child crouched into the shape of a knights helmet with a working face plate. I wanted to know where I could see more products that were made by the artist, but all the article had a link to was Etsy. So I started looking around on Etsy for Knight’s Helmets when I came across CupCake Cuties.

Crochet Knight in Shining Armor hat front panel and mohawk, child size  to Lg. Adult sizes, many colors


This Etsy shop not only makes the Knight’s Helmets, but also has great game and movie themed hats as well. Such as Creeper and Minions! If you are looking for a cute way to show off your love of games or movies, check out this awesome site!

Crochet Hat Minion Inspired hat, newborn to Adult sizing, Made to Order



Ever heard of Washi tape?

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I was putzing around buzzfeed one day when I found a list for something called Washi tape. I’d never heard of it before and the list was about ways to decorate with it ( There are some pretty fantastically fun ideas on the buzzfeed list so I just had to look up more info on this Washi tape stuff. Turns out that Washi tape is a type of colorful Japanese tape, similar to masking tape. It is made out of paper, but its stronger than you might think because it is made from natural fibers like bamboo and hemp. The tape is made in many different colors and patterns, which has inspired crafters to do all sorts of things with it.

Needless to say I’m intrigued, I might have to get my hands one some of this Washi tape and see what I can decorate with it. Better yet instead of buying it, perhaps I can make some; I found a tutorial on the Gunny Sack blog for making one’s own Washi tape. It looks relatively easy, just a matter of finding cute tissue paper and some double sided tape, here’s the link to the tutorial:

Here are some of the fun things I’d like to try (from the buzzfeed list) with the Washi tape, just check out the buzzfeed list or pinterest for more ideas:

Make magnets that look like pieces of tape.

Washi tape magnets, how cute are these?!

Transform a computer keyboard.

Make your keyboard a source of creative inspiration!

Decorate your furniture.

Upgrade boring furniture so it has a little more flair!

Time to make or pick up some Washi tape and have some crafty fun!