You Are My Sunshine

I think I’m really aching for the sunshine today!  This winter has lasted too long!

Belle from ReImagination Prints brings us that little bit of happy with her You Are My Sunshine Dictionary Print Set!  Not only did it make me happy, it also got that song in my head that my mom used to sing to me when I was a little girl!


This is what Belle says about her artwork: “I find books that are falling apart and I carefully rescue the usable pages and up-cycle them by printing them with digitally enhanced old photos, vintage illustrations and my own artwork. Most of the pages I use are over 115 years old so each piece created is unique and one of a kind with its own individual shading and character.

I enjoy the idea of taking worn books that are about to be tossed out and turning them into something completely different that hopefully will be enjoyed, and maybe even treasured, for many more years to come. The books I source my materials from were destined for the dust heap of history (that’s just a nice way of saying they were to be tossed in the trash) but I turn them into something new and different so they can be appreciated once again.”

Do you want your own unique piece of art?

If you need a little Audrey Hepburn in your life, may I suggest the Dark Mood print or the Breakfast at Tiffany’s print?  Both are just so classic!

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Or if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration


I think my personal favourite is this Alice in Wonderland print.  It is just so fanciful and goes perfectly with the dictionary background!


If you would like to see more from ReImagination Prints, you should check out her Etsy store!  You will not be disappointed!

– Lindsay

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