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Last year, I got engaged, and one of the things that I did not do was get a new ring. I had inherited my great-grandmother’s ring, which I loved, so we saved a little money by just using that. Naturally, this hasn’t stopped me from looking at the paths not taken (after all, my bank balance doesn’t cry just when I look, right?).

Some of what is out there now is just spectacular with big rocks and beautiful metalwork. But some of it has just the kind of quirky sense of fun that I really adore.

Whether your Steampunk aesthetic lends itself to the delicate filigree or to the heavier industrial side, there are rings for everyone out there right now. There are even matching sets for the Steampunk couple. For those looking for truly one-of-a-kind rings, have a look at these.

Mens Steampunk Ring – Sterling Silver – Bolts and Gears by SwankMetalsmithing

SwankMetalsmithing has some amazing rings, period, but her Steampunk rings really stand out for me. I love the recessed details on this one, but her couples rings are just as beautiful:

His and Hers Steampunk Gear Ring Set – Sterling Silver and Black Diamond by SwankMetalsmithing

I love the details of the rivets and screws that have been tightened, but don’t all face the same way. Little details like that make it so unique and interesting.

Silver Mens Ring Handmade Industrial Dieselpunk “Praeirendum” by GatoJewel

GatoJewel also makes incredible rings, with a more futuristic or Dieselpunk slant to them. I love the mixture of metals and colours that GatoJewel works with to bring the Steampunk feeling alive. It gives the rings a depth to them.

Silver Steampunk Wedding Rings “Sustentorum” by GatoJewel

If you really want original, you can even commission a custom design from CindersJewelryDesign:

Custom designed rings by CindersJewelryDesign

I love the delicate intricacies of the gears in these.

Steampunk rings are just possibly the coolest things ever. They have all the elegance and charm that steampunk usually has, and allows you have something that is completely unique.

Now I just have to convince my fiance that some of these are a good idea….

~ eliste

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