Using Liquid Sculpey

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Happy Wednesday! I’ve just gotten back in town after a show in Florida, and placed a large order for clay. I’ve been running low so it’s time to get more. One of the things I’ve been wanting to work with is liquid polymer clay.

Sculpey has one, Available in different colors, including translucent and clear. It can be used to produce a stronger bond with clay to clay adhesion, and also for image transfers, as a finish coat, or even to change the texture of your final product. I found an excellent article while I was researching, in case any of you are interested in the process.

Liquid Sculpey can be purchased in basic colors in any hobby store, or online through Amazon, or specific clay retailers.

I have more shows coming up, so I’ll be spending the week prepping for a show in Greenville, NC, then Boston ComicCon.

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