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Hello Thursday readers!

I have started putting together some holiday gifts for the coming year and I have ventured into some previously unknown territory for me. I’m talking about decorating glassware. I’m doing a project that’s very similar to a post I wrote back for Halloween to make beautiful hand drawn lanterns, and what I’ve realized is that frosted glass spray paint might be one of the coolest things I’ve worked with in a while. It is usually pretty easy to find at a craft store, maybe even a hardware store, and you can do a lot of different things with it ranging from shadow lanterns like the one in the tutorial, to tumblers, jars, wine glasses and decorative bottles.

I’m going to give you a quick DIY for how you can accent any glass really easily, and some variations on the technique to make it even more awesome. So the only tools you need for this is a can of frosted glass paint (which can be bought in spray and brush paint form) and glassware that you’d like to decorate as well as some painter’s tape.  Optional tools include contact paper (like the paper that lines shelves in a cupboard), and coloured spray paint.

There’s a simple step by step tutorial here from Martha Stewart, but it is very very simple. I think that the Martha Stewart brand of frosted glass paint comes in many different colours as well, and so that can make it even simpler. I also believe hers are not spray paints, so will make detail work a little bit easier, so be aware of this when you’re picking out your paints.

If you’re wanting to make glasses that you can drink out of, first you will need to stick a ribbon of tape all around the upper edge of the glass. Notice how these glasses all have room at the top? This is so you don’t need to worry about your lips touching anything that isn’t the glass. This is a super important step if you’re doing it yourself as you are recreating an effect with paint. You don’t want to be drinking the paint or the sealant you put on it. Alternatively, if you’re using a brush on frosted paint, you can do your design on the bottom of your tumbler like gottalovediy who shows how she tapes the bottom of her tumblers and then applies the paint (see below).

If your frosted paint is white frosting, then you have the options to buy other colours to add to your glasses.  If you’re doing a solid frosting, all you need to do is spray or paint your glass and let it dry. If you’re using other colours of paint, you can choose whichever colour of glass paint that you’d like, and do a thin coat of that first and letting it dry before applying the frosting paint.  Just be aware that if you’re using a frosting spray you will need an area that can  ventilate it properly, and you may want to do designs that do not require a paint brush. Sounds easy right? It is. (see an example of a finished project below – design, paint, frost)

Image taken from Something Turquoise

The most difficult part is doing the designs.  If you are using contact paper, you can cut out any designs you’d like. Like polka dots or flowers.  If you want a more geometric look, you can use painters tape to get some nice straight lines.  All you need to do achieve an artistic look is to apply the tape where you don’t want the frosting to be, and paint overtop of it, whether you’re using a spray or a brush paint. Something Turquoise has a great tutorial that shows you all the different techniques mentioned above.

Just think of the gifting possibilities with this, as you can create beautiful housewares for a lot less than you’d buy it in store and it’s made by you!


Have fun!


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