A wild Nicole appears!

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Hello everyone! As the title would suggest my name is Nicole, and I wanted to say a quick hello and welcome to everyone to the site. ^_^

For those of you who attended Awesome Con in DC last weekend, you will remember me as the lady at the table who made all the yarn items. I’ve been a casual crafter since my High School days, and after a very brief attempt at crocheting when I was 9, I decided to try it again during college when I was going to be house bound for 2 weeks to recover from a surgery. It took me 4 months to complete that first afghan I started then, and I still use the horribly made thing on my bed at home. 😉 After that first piece though, I began expanding my skill with crochet over the next few years; eventually leading me to plush making. It was something I had passed over before since the designs in books and online hardly ever appealed to my tastes, when I decided to just pick up a book about it and try making my own.

Thanks to my friends encouragement, and the opportunity my friend Toni offered me, I started testing the waters for interest in my designs, and was pleasantly surprised to get a very positive response to them at MagFest 2012. Since then, I’ve been partnering with Toni at several cons and have finally built my business up enough that I will be running it full time starting this May. ^_^ You can find my deviantart gallery here to see my collection to date, and my etsy store here (though it is down until my site launch in May). I look forward to showing everyone all the wonderful things I’ve found in a wide array of mediums, as well as helping new members refine and build their business!