3D Paper Wall Art

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So we all know decorating can be a pain. Picking colors for paint. Finding pictures/painting for your walls. Making a theme almost guarantees you’ll double that time as well. While it won’t solve all your problems, I have found some very cool wall art that adds an interesting decoration to at least part of your room and it’s easy to remove as well!

These are handmade paper art installations that are just lovely and engaging. Each piece is cut and folded by hand by Oregon based artist Jacqueline Jean of hipandclavicle over on Etsy. The detail and precision of her cutting is just stellar. I could see myself using these in a nursery or a college dorm thanks to their inexpensive price and wall safe adhesive not leaving any marks. Most of the her work is nature themed as she loves the outdoors, though dragons have managed to jump in there from time to time.

No guides for layout of the pieces seems to be included with orders which means the possibilities are endless and can be altered to suit you needs. Got a big empty space to fill? Order a few sets and make a swirling design or a giant butterfly shape.

Most sets cost only $15 so if you’re looking for something different to decorate your walls with, I definitely recommend giving this shop a look through. 🙂

A New Spin on an Old Record

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Ever since I can remember, my father has collected music. He has shelves upon shelves full of cassette tapes, 8 track tapes, CDs, DVDs, and of course, vinyl records. He’s the reason I often find myself drifting toward those stacks of lovely plastic treasure at the resale shops. It seems like I just can’t help myself! Sadly, though, there will always be some LPs that just don’t make the cut. Some are just so scratched, so warped, so beat up that that don’t play anymore. It’s probably time to let them finally have their well deserved rest, right? OR how about breathing new life into them with this amazing trend I’ve had come across my craft dashboard lately: vinyl record wall art!

The Chicago skyline on Chicago's greatest hits!

The Chicago skyline on Chicago’s greatest hits!

Some genius out there decided to upcycle some of their old vinyl and we get to reap the benefits! Whether you want to commemorate your favorite city (as pictured above) or immortalize your favorite album, there are plenty of options out there.

Now your poor copy of Thick as a Brick can live on...as a clock!

Now your poor copy of Thick as a Brick can live on…as a clock!

They aren’t limited to just bands, either. Think soundtracks or other fandoms and the possibilities are endless!

VinylArtStarWars  VinylArtLotRClock

I was very impressed with some of the fine quality art that a simple Etsy search turned up! If vintage is your type of thing, I highly recommend indulging in this super cool trend.

See you next Sunday and stay crafty!