Potted Cactus without the Sting

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True story time. When I was about 10, I was visiting my grandma for the summer and next to the bed I slept in was a little potted cactus. Well, the inevitable happened since I move in my sleep and I woke up with little thistles all over me and in my bed. I have had a biased against them ever since, which is sad as they are my kind of plant maintenance (minimal water/care required). Thankfully, I may have found the next best things.

These little guys are the work of amigurumi artist thehobbypanda and they are absolutely adorable! Cacti typically have simple shapes so they translate beautifully into amigurumi, but those lovely and cute flowers are probably my favorite part. 🙂

She doesn’t have a very active etsy store, but if you are interested in picking one up for yourself (of a loved one for the holidays) then keep an eye out. A few were up when I wrote this post, but who knows how many could be left. :3