No One Steals Alone Cookie Jar

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So we’ve all done it. Swiped a few fresh baked cookies from the jar when your friend/family walked away. Rookie mistake of course on their part as they could lose all their baked treats this way. It happened to me so I suppose that’s Karma for ya. Well this one artist has designed a cookie lock bx that will require an assistant for you to get in to.

Crafted by Thijs Sondag and his friend Gustav, this cookie box requires at least 2 sets of hands to open. Now if it were me, this is where I’d use my many younger siblings to swipe cookies for me so I could truthfully admit I’d not touched the box all day. You could of course use this for hiding things from those without built in teams of scapegoats  assistants, but if you make it out of wood it probably wouldn’t keep a determined thief from simply breaking it open. Still, if you’d like to make your own, the creative duo has kindly shared the plans online. You can also watch the full video of the box here if the lovely gif loop just doesn’t do it for ya. 😉

DIY Unique Yarn Storage

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Hey there, Hackers! Tis your intrepid ScribeSarah, back with some tips on how to keep your crafting space clear and organized. Now, even little ol’ anal-retentive me gets her home a little messy with all her little projects but there are ways you can get that chaos organized, even if it doesn’t always look like it. While I tend to be a bit of a jack of all trades in the craft arena, for today’s exercise, I thought we would focus on ways to keep your yarn both accessible and stowed so that it’s not taking over your home.

There are quick and easy ways to store your yarns and threads, most of which you can find at your local Container Store (a place I am not allowed to go unsupervised because I will buy all the things). However, if you’re looking for something a little less ordinary (and costly), there are a bunch of things out there that you can use or re-purpose for these needs.

For yarn that isn’t being used currently (or for that yarn you found you just couldn’t leave the craft store without despite not having a specific project you bought it for), you could use old wicker/weaved baskets. My grandmother had a ton of these just hiding in her cupboards and when she passed away, rather than donate them to the Goodwill, I kept and re-purposed them. Some I use for small balls of yarn (leftovers from projects past) and some I use to keep finished projects. These can be decorative and left out by a chair or sofa or can be standard square that fits in a closet or on a shelf easily.

Another thing that gives your not-being-used yarn a happy and somewhatImage result for vintage suitcase retro home is to put those old suitcases to work. Vintage suitcases are a beautiful way to store these items that still look neat and classy. They fit in closets, under beds or sofas, but still show off a little glamor when pulled out for use. They can also be stacked decoratively in a corner or on a shelf (e.g. hat boxes, etc). You can line old suitcases with any fabric you like too, so the inside as well as the outside has a special sort of flare.

If you like assembling items, this next item is for you. Simple pegboard and hooks are a fabulous way to store your yarn while still keeping it readily accessible and easy to use. You can customize size, shape, even color quite easily and load as many or as few skeins onto a board as you see fit. You can also create many small boards to mount along the wall of your craft room in a funky design or pattern. The sky’s the limit with this option and it works best if you have a dedicated craft area or room.  For an easy-to-follow tutorial, check out Dwell Beautiful’s step-by-step instructions here.

Coffee cans are a fun, decorative way to store yarn you are currently using on projects. They come in various sizes and, depending on how much coffee you consume, you may have a restoring supply. You can paint or decoupage the outside of each can, simply slice a small hole in the lid of the can, then place the ball or skein in the can and thread the end through the lid. Glue guns, glitter, rhinestones, shelf lining paper and yarn itself are also fun ways to decorate the outsides of the cans. Not only does this give you storage, it is also an inexpensive yarn holder. But if you don’t want tons of coffee cans just sitting around your space, you can also mount them on the wall (without the lids).

Image result for coffee can yarn

And finally, we come to milk crates. These may be a little harder to come by but they give you a great way to create your own yarn shelves. They are stackable, come in different colors and can be used in small and large spaces equally as well. Got a lot of yarn? Just keep stacking on the crates until you have a place for it all. For this idea, I recommend using an anchor of sorts when stacking against a wall; the higher you stack the crates, the more likely it is that the whole thing could topple over. You will also want to lash the crates together as well to make your yarn storage sturdier.

Image result for milk crate yarn storage

These are just a few ways to take items you may have either laying around the house or are easy and inexpensive to acquire and use them to organize your space. But don’t stop there. Look around you. You never know when inspiration will strike. That random item that’s just collecting dust in the corner may be the next great organizational tool in your crafting adventures.


Crafting Storage Management

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Instead of highlighting an artist today, I wanted to share some of the organizations tips I’ve gathered over the years. Like any crafter my supplies often exceeds my storage space so I’m always looking for the best ways to store my materials yet still have the easily accessible. While it’s not super extensive, here are some tips/suggestions I’ve put into practice.

1) Hanging Shelves

I’m starting off with my most used product storage system: Hanging Fabric shelves. As a crocheter, these things are a life saver. They’re cheap, easy to use, and lightweight. Quality will vary depending on how much you want to spend of course, but since I only needed my to sort my yarn I can get away with the $5-$10 ones. You can also purchase separate drawers to place inside of each cubby hole if you are have product that might fall out. Free closest space is a must of course, and if you’re like me and have a entire closet free then you’re better off combining it with number 2

2) Closet Organizer

The setup will take some time and you’ll want to plan your layout before you buy anything, but man oh man it is so worth it. I’m at a disadvantage with my current set up as it’s old and I had to adapt with what was already in place, but with all the options that exist with the adjustable shelf heights, basket racks and their sturdy design you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to organize all your crafting supplies. Not to mention that it has the added bonus of keeping your materials from taking over a room/the house as they “should” have a proper home to go back to. I should cause….yeah….my stuff still explodes all over the room during crunch time so I know it’s not realistic all the time, lol. If you can’t possibly spare the close space though….

3) Scrapbooking Desks/Storage

This is just one part of the larger Recollections Craft Storage Set that is often used for scrapbooking but can easily be adapted for other crafting needs. All the cubes in the set are the same dimensions and can be fitted into a larger shelving system. Great if you’re not into books and have the wall space to spare, while keep your house looking neat and tidy…ya know….when you’re not crafting. This can get pricey so if you lack space and money…well….

4) Storage Bins

Yup. When in doubt, go with the classics. The clear ones are the best if you need them for storage as you can easily get smaller bins to go inside, allowing you to see what is in which bin in a matter of minutes. Not the easiest to access, but hey, when you just need to toss your stuff out of the way so you house can be used for no crafting things, they get the job done. 😉 If you have any recommendations on storage item, feel free to share it with me over in the forums/in the comments and I’ll see about adding it next time. ^_^