Indiana ComicCon is coming up!

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Good day and happy Wednesday! This is Kim with Fantastical Menagerie. This week I’ve been on supersonic prep for two shows I have coming up. This is my second year at both events, and they are two of my favorite ones!

This weekend you can find me at Indiana ComicCon, which is April 14-16. They are featuring some amazing guests, including Val Kilmer, Cary Elwes, Nichelle Nichols and Jewel Staite. More details of the show can be found here.

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Leather Barrettes

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Over the years, my hair has been many different lengths but I generally default to a longer style simply because it is the easiest to pull back out of my face. Because of this, I like to find embellished hair ties, bows, and barrettes. During the convention season this year I regret one major thing: not purchasing a leather barrette from Armoured Wolf Productions. These little beauties are so detailed and eye catching that I couldn’t help stopping at the booth just to take a closer look.

A lovely knot to keep your hair free of knots.

A lovely knot to keep your hair free of knots.

I’ve purchased similar hair accessories in the past but Armoured Wolf had some truly unique designs.

Hair in your face? Nevermore.

Hair in your face? Nevermore.

For the lengthy haired steampunk enthusiast in your life, tentacles and gears are always a good idea.

OctopusBarrette  GearBarrette

Besides unique hair tamers, Armoured Wolf Productions also creates beautiful leather pouches, bracers, and other excellent cosplay pieces. They can be found on Etsy or Facebook and I would suggest making a beeline to their shop to take advantage of their current holiday special coupon!

Stay crafty!



The Bronze Victorian Era that never was

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I’ve always been pulled to the allure of the Steampunk genre. Maybe it’s my love of intricate details, or cosplay, or alternate takes on technological advancement, but I will no doubt continue to be drawn to everything I see that comes out of that genre. My current love comes in the form jewelry by a fellow DeviantArt artist called Henri-1. He’s a UK artist that makes some gorgeous clockwork/steampunk jewelry, and I highly recommend going to give his gallery a look over.

Created by Henri-1

Oh, and he doesn’t just do jewelry. He creates other stempunk inspired creations as well.

Steampunk LED Lanterns by Henri-1

All his work is handmade and, ugh, I just want to throw a steampunk costume ball so badly now!