Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow

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Happy Sunday, all!

As the name of today’s post implies, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. We’ve only gotten a couple of light dustings so far here in the Midwest and I’m ok with it snowing from the end of November right up until the new year but then I’m done! So while I’m hoping for a little more of the flakes, I’ve gathered some cool (pun intended) snow-inspired decorations for the season. First up is one large but very easy way to get your fix, shiny popsicle stick snowflakes from Making Home Base:

Silver can certainly be an option, too!

For the second option, do you happen to have some clothespins sitting around with no clothes to hang (I do but then I am a noted craft supply hoarder)? Then how about turning them into some of these lovely glittery snowflakes from Eighteen25:

Yay glitter everywhere!

Ok, so let’s say you don’t have clothespins but what about wine corks? I have a whole big bag of them from Mom and the girls that are just screaming to be turned into these cute cork snowflake ornaments from Virginia Sweet Pea:

These are getting made for everyone…I have that many corks.

So far these mostly require adult supervision but I swear I have at least one kid friendly option. This is really adorable and a great idea for any shape – glitter snowflake window clings from One Little Project:

Seriously, can’t you imagine making your own Nightmare Before Christmas window scene like this?

Finally, because the classics can’t be discounted, what about paper snowflakes you may ask? Let’s take them up a notch and make some large 3D paper snowflakes with instructions from Handimania:

There are some great ideas through the link for different kinds of paper to use!

So there we are, hopefully this will keep us both happy until the real stuff descends from the heavens. Next week is right before the big day (I can’t believe it, either) so I’ll dig up some ideas for last minute but awesome wrapping ideas.

Stay crafty!




Scissors and Snowflakes

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I don’t know about you but I am getting really geared up for two things: snow and Star Wars! What do these two things have in common? Not much unless you like hanging out on Hoth (brrr). Seriously, though, the new movie comes out in less than a week and I am super excited! It’s also been unseasonably warm where I live so the lovely sparkly snow I’m accustomed to just hasn’t made an appearance yet. It got me to thinking about…snowflakes. Yes, there has been a trend in the past 2-3 years of making geeky snowflakes out of paper. I wondered if perhaps I could find some patterns and brighten up our geek den with some festive cuttings. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Apparently all of the fandoms wanted some representation and I will share a few of the best places to find templates and tutorials.

First off, let’s fulfill the need for Star Wars with templates and a great tutorial from Anthony Herrera Designs. This guy was apparently one of the first to start cutting, displaying, and sharing his fandom designs. Every year he adds more to the collection so this year they are right on topic with new characters! Whether you are into Jedi or Sith or just cute little droids, this guy has got something for you!

SnowflakeBB88 SnowflakeKyloRen

Not into all the Star Wars hype or would just like a little more simplicity? How about Jack Skellington’s paper spider snowflake from Nightmare Before Christmas? Instructables has a quick and easy guide to making your decorating a little creepier.


Or perhaps you’d like to go bigger and bolder? Feel like taking on a challenge? What about all of the house crests from Game of Thrones made into snowflakes? Show your loyalty and your dedication with these intricate designs from Krystal Higgins!


Finally, I give you my own personal favorites, Link or Mario snowflakes from The Nifty Nerd. These are so getting made and displayed in our game room!


It is quite a season right now, folks! Only 11 more crafting days to go until those presents are due!

Keep warm and I’ll see you next Sunday with more DIY goodness.

Stay crafty!