Stained Glass Coaster DIY

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Another DIY today, but looking back at the last few days of summer with this one from Sincerely, Kinsey.

It’s a pretty simple project, only requiring some cork coasters, mod podge, an exacto knife, stained glass and paint. What came to mind for me though was using some of those found pieces of beach glass. The cork already has that beach/sand color to it and using glass that’s been worn down smooth by the power of the ocean seems like a great fit. You could also just used colored plastic pieces for a more Art Deco design. Since you’ll be cutting through the coaster in order to make holes for the glass make sure to by double the amount of cork coasters that you’ll want to have in the end. The modge podge will of course continue to be the crafter’s all purpose wonder glue for this project.

With some creativity and time these could make for some great unsung decorative yet functional pieces for your home. 🙂