Dragon Sculptures

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I’m about 90% sure I’ve posted about dragon sculptures before, but I’m not even gonna apologize. Dragons are great and these guys are just freaking adorable! 😀

Designed and made by Moscow artist Kosse Handmade on Etsy from mostly just sculpy and paint. These dragon have such a gentle and unique design to them. The eyes in particular are what drew me in. They’re very large and not typically a style used with dragon designs since they reflect mammal/insect eyes more then the standard reptilian that’s seen. Look at those leaves for wings too! Really inspired and adorable.

Kosse has been making these dragons for several years now, but only recently started selling them on Etsy. Her work seems to have gained quite the demand though as her shop is almost constantly out of ready made pieces. She can of course be contact to make custom pieces, but if you just want to see more examples of her work I’ll point you to this nice image posting a kind tumblr blogger made. It’s worth a look just to see the glow in the dark ones alone. 😀

Pokemon meets High Fantasy

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Coming up with a title today was a bit challenging since by virtue of it being a fictional world Pokemon is already Fantasy, but the art today has a bit more of a classical fantasy take on it.

A casual gamer herself, Jae of From Jae take her love of fantasy and makes quite lovely traditional and sculpture art with it. Besides her Pokemon inspired pieces, some of my favorite ones are her her-animals.

Her line work and attention to detail is really quite magnificent. I especially love her color selection in this Mer-Cat piece. All her sculpture pieces are unfortunately sold out at the moment, but you can find her shop here should you wish to check out future designs or even join her update list so you’ll be alerted when they go up.

Tiny Animal Figurines

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We all know at this point that I have a weakness for the cute and adorable. So today’s post will come as no surprise.

Made entirely by hand, Baiba Gabranova has quite the skill at not only molding adorable cute animals, but painting intricate detail as well. While they may look like glass, that’s simply the shiny coat she applies afterwards.

Based in Latvia, she make each of her figurines from sculpy clay by hand (with a few resin cast exceptions) and then lovingly paints beautiful details and sometimes textures onto each one. The colors and detail she brings to each piece is nothing short of wonderful. If you’re on the look out for some cute figurines I highly recommend her work.

Baby Dragon Jewelry

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Like dragons? Of course you do. Dragons are one of the oldest fantasy myths around the world and come in just about any style/design you can think of. Ever wanted jewelry that look like you own a baby dragon pet?

Okay, they may not all be babies, but I know if I ever have one I would certainly be calling it my baby dragon. These adorable handmade dragons are made by Canadian Etsy artist, Aelia Petro. Her shop, ArtbyAelia, has been around for 5 years now and she’s amassed quite an adorable dragon jewelry collection for your viewing and shopping needs. Besides the adorable ‘Dragon Drapers’ that are sort of half necklaces, she also makes traditional pendant necklaces, wrap bracelets, wrap rings, and even just adorable tiny sculptures.

If you love fantasy creatures you are missing out if you haven’t seen her work. Even if you don’t like etsy shops, you can follow her work on facebook instead. ^_^ You won’t regret it.



Tiny Gifts for Big Emotions

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How is everyone enjoying their post Valentine’s Day day? Lots of people had the day off thanks to President’s Day falling right after it this year, so maybe you got to sleep in and start a relaxing day. 🙂 Or, you could be one of the few who will be celebrating a delayed special day with their loved one for whatever reason. Well, I wish you luck my friend for the stuff I’m sharing today probably wouldn’t arrive in time to help, but is certainly adorable and fits the theme.

These lovely hand made roses are the design of expert miniature sculptor Lynn of Tuckshop in England. Each one measures only around 2cm in length and is made entirely from modeling clay before being wrapped in an adorable tiny cellophane piece to look like a floral shop bouquet. ^_^ Lynn’s talent isn’t just in tiny roses though, check out this awesome set you can get:

That is a tiny Parisian Breakfast style sett up that would look right at home in any doll house. It was actually featured in a Doll House Magazine as a matter of fact. 😀 Lynn’s work is just absolutely lovely and a technical joy to see. I love the coffee residue on the china pot the most myself. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and check out the Tuckshop etsy page. It’s a lovely whimsical place where you can admire the art and maybe find yourself a cute new pin of necklace. ^_^


Sculpting beyond the Sculpy

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I’ve featured several jewelry makers of the last year, but I can honestly say this may be the first artist I’ve seen that I was surprised to find out what the material was. SiriusWonders is an Australian artist with quite the talent for making jewelry and knickknacks out of sculpy.

Coraline Seeing Stone by SiriusWonders

This was the piece that caught my attention as I just loved all the vibrant and distinct colors they were able to achieve. While I didn’t think it was made out of jade (like the movie/book claimed), it appears to polished to have been made out of sculpy alone, but that is definitely the case. They are somehow able to blend the modeling clay with paint/dye to create this beautiful look.

Ursula’s Pendent (Little Mermaid)

SiriusWonders has a very diverse catalog to look thru (as well as a gallery on deviantart) and if you are searching for that custom character jewelry piece for a costume or just for everyday wear; go check them out. Their attention to detail on recreation pieces and finishes are definitely of high quality. 🙂


Wonderful Wizarding Wear

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Thanks to my best friend, I now forever associate May with Harry Potter. As a result, I’ve been swooning over some incredibly well made jewelry this past week and I just have to share it. 😀

Bellatrix Skull Necklace by Leveled Up Accessories

Starting out with my fav is this lovely hand sculpted necklace based off the one worn by Bellatrix LeStrange in the Harry Potter movies. It’s so wonderfully detailed and since it’s nothing overt like a wand, it can do double duty for a witch/goth/macabre character or even been worn everyday! The artist has a new etsy store but she’s definitely a talent worth watching.

Firebolt Earrings by MiniSweetX

The second artist is just as skilled with her sculpting, but has a much wider selection in her shop. MiniSweetX specializes in -as her name would suggest- small sculpy based creations. While her Firebolt earrings first brought her to my attention, it was her chocolate frog earrings that won my heart. I mean, seriously, how adorably well made are these?! 😀

All of her work is made with surgical steel/nickel free metal to help those with common jewelry allergies as well, which is always a plus. If you also love Harry Potter items, I definitely recommend giving her shop a look through as well. 🙂