Dragon Sculptures

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I’m about 90% sure I’ve posted about dragon sculptures before, but I’m not even gonna apologize. Dragons are great and these guys are just freaking adorable! 😀

Designed and made by Moscow artist Kosse Handmade on Etsy from mostly just sculpy and paint. These dragon have such a gentle and unique design to them. The eyes in particular are what drew me in. They’re very large and not typically a style used with dragon designs since they reflect mammal/insect eyes more then the standard reptilian that’s seen. Look at those leaves for wings too! Really inspired and adorable.

Kosse has been making these dragons for several years now, but only recently started selling them on Etsy. Her work seems to have gained quite the demand though as her shop is almost constantly out of ready made pieces. She can of course be contact to make custom pieces, but if you just want to see more examples of her work I’ll point you to this nice image posting a kind tumblr blogger made. It’s worth a look just to see the glow in the dark ones alone. 😀

Teeny Tiny Sculpts

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Happy Sunday, all!

It’s been a very busy few weeks around here but as the weather continues to have it’s ups and downs, I hope everyone will be able to spend more time outside. If not, maybe we can help bring some of that lovely nature inside! If you drop in for Sunday posts on a regular basis, you know that I have a little obsession with all things cute…and it’s time for more! I stumbled across this wonderful artist on Etsy that makes beautiful micro-mini sculptures that I will absolutely have to make mine. Iko, working under the studio name ChikoCraft creates wondrous little tiny worlds in bottles, detailed miniature jewelry, and adorable trinket dishes out of clay, ceramics, and resin:

I very delightedly scrolled through the pictures of her sculptures, simply amazed by the details she achieves at this size:

I mean, look at the fine details on the lily pads and froggies!

I also enjoyed some of the little surprises she includes in some of her jewelry, like these stamp necklaces. So simple from the side, yet they have a working seal for putting your mark of choice on anything at the bottom:


Of all the lovely little things she had to offer, though, my favorite things (which I must utilize in the near future) is Iko’s custom pet sculpts. That’s right, she will take pictures of YOUR little fur (or maybe not so furry) babies and create tiny replicas of them for you to wear:

How perfect are these?!

I have a feeling I will be owning two new kitty pendants in the near future and I promise to post pics when I get them. So if you would like to own a teeny slice of adorable from Iko, she can be found on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram. If you have an hour or so to spare, I encourage you to get lost in her work.

Next week, I have a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts as it’s coming up quickly here in the U.S.

Stay crafty!



Birds of a Felted Feather

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Perhaps it’s my bias towards sewing skills, but felt and embroidery projects always catch my eye. It’s like my brain is playing a Where’s Waldo type game but with fabric and thread without telling me. 😛 It’s no wonder I easily came across these awesome felt sculptures as a result.

Jill Ffrench, is the owner and artisan of Fantails and Feet, a custom felt sculpture artist that makes beautifully expressive birds out of felt, thread, wire and wax. While you can see she has a passion for peacocks, her entire collection of birds is simply lovely.

I especially love the extra detailing the feathers get to selectively make them pop, but they’re all wonderful. If you’re a bird lover, or know someone who is, I definitely recommend giving this shop of fine feathered friends a look over.

Naturally Found

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Found art has always been an intriguing medium to me. The ability to take normal or broken everyday things and turn them into something else entirely definitely requires an eye that I do not have. British artist Dean Patman, however, obviously has it in spades.

Living in Bristol, he maintains a small studio space in his garden (aka backyard for us Americans) where he stores his found objects and does all his sculpture work. His passion began with his fascination of the natural world as a child, but didn’t start until much later in his life.

My passion for the natural world was equaled by my love of art.  It was a natural progression for me to study scientific illustration however feeling the need for a more creatively challenging course, I moved to Central St Martin’s. It was during my time there that I started working with found materials forming the sculptural method that characterizes my work today.  In found items I see the forms of the natural world; silverware, shoe-trees and teapots are married together to describe an animal’s appearance and character, making creatures both life-like and humorous .

His sculptures are decently sized as well, most of them starting right around 1-2′ in height or length. If you are fascinated by this medium as well I highly recommend giving his gallery a look through. Perhaps it could even inspire you. 🙂

Glass Water Sculptures

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I have a thing for glass and water. Something about the medium just captures the feel and emotion of water so well, especially when done by an artist with lots of practice. Ben Young of New Zealand is one of those artists.


All of his work revolves around water in some form, and he uses the glass in combination with concrete and cast bronze to create just beautiful sculptures of nature, as well as moments in time.


When designing his work, he even takes lighting into effect while he’s working on his final design. Thinking about how he wants the piece displayed or formed to catch just the right image once translated form his 2D sketch into a 3D piece. If you’re a fan of water pieces I highly recommend giving his gallery a look through. While he has no pieces for sale right now that doesn’t stop his work from looking absolutely beautiful. And who knows, maybe it will inspire one last summer piece for you to tackle. 😉

Oceanic Blown Glass Beauty

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Hawaiian artist Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma, capture the ocean with their glass work wizardry.

There are just no other words to describe how that level of detail and beauty have been captured into glass. Until you get up close on these images I’m not sure you can even tell the difference. They use a variety of powered colored glasses that they layer to get the gorgeous colors and then combine them with specially prepared ‘chip’ of broken glass to get all those air bubbles inside while blowing. Yeah, did I forget to mention these are made from blown glass? Crazy.

You can check out more of their work here as well as purchase some if you are so inclined. If ocean waves are not your thing don’t let that stop you from looking. They make many, many more uniquely designed glass sculptures for your eyes to enjoy. Including vases and jewelry. 🙂


Scrap Metal Sculpture

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Artist JK Brown is more proof that you don’t need fancy base materials to make something beautiful as he work only with, you guessed it, scrap metal.

With a love of nature to fuel him, John enjoys the calming peace that taking random scraps and making them lay neatly to form new shapes can provide. His work if just beautiful and even if you don’t have the money to purchase one, his store is definitely worth a look thru just to marvel at his creativity.

This is Super Glassy

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As you’ve probably noticed, we’re at C2E2 this weekend and I had a little bit of time to wander around the vendor hall. I stumbled across a sign I couldn’t resist because it advertised CUTE GLASS! I was in for a real treat, too. The two artists at Bling Squared make adorable little animal sculptures in glass.

Look at the little cutie I purchased!

Look at the little cutie I purchased! His name is Louis.

They have quite a few different critters as pendants, earrings, and straight up little sculptures to display around your home.

BlingSqGreenOcto  BlingSqPugEarrings  BlingSqFoxSculptures

I think the best part was the looping video that they had playing showing just how they create their pieces! They do demos in and around their home base of Salt Spring Island, BC.

I'd love to watch them play with fire!

I’d love to watch them play with fire!

If you want a piece of some really cute glass, Bling Squared can be found on their website, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

See you next Sunday with some egg-cellent last minute Easter ideas!



The Buds of Spring

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While we may still have bits of snow on the ground here and there, I’ve found little hints of impending Spring popping up all over! On my craft feeds there have been birds, bunnies, and flowers but more intriguing have been the budding trees. In a few particular cases, these trees contained the most fabulous sparkles because they are actually made of wire and gemstones!

The crafts are alive with a hint of green leaves!

The crafts are alive with a hint of green leaves!

I’ve been known to play around with wire and gemstones in my jewelry making days but nothing as complicated as some of these wonderful sculptures.

A tiny little wire hideaway to escape those pesky chores!

A tiny little wire hideaway to escape those pesky chores!

I think the ways some of the artists capture movement and detail are just stunning!

So lovely, I can practically smell it's leaves blowing in the breeze.

So lovely, I can practically smell it’s leaves blowing in the breeze.

If you are longing for these lovely buds in your own living space and are especially adventurous, Cut Out and Keep has a fairly good tutorial on creating your own wire tree masterpiece:

So lovely, especially if you already have a wire and bead stash! Spring cleaning and new crafts all in one!

So pretty, especially if you already have a wire and bead stash! Spring cleaning and new crafts all in one!

Next week I think it may be time to take a look at some of the fuzzy little critters that emerge from their winter burrows in the Spring (especially the crafty kind).

See you then and stay crafty!




Dreamlike Animal Sculptures

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These came across my dash during Christmas and I was just in awe of their beauty. The creator is a Russian artist called Evgeny Hontor, and his work is just lovely. As his personal description says, his pieces are inspired my dreamworlds and fantasy; something you can clearly see in the flowing lines and curves of his designs. The majority of his sculptures are hand made from velvet clay and painted, with only his jewelry being made from metal, making each one unique. I can only imagine how many hours each piece must take on such a small scale with all that detail he crams in there.

He has quite the large selection of pieces online right now, and even if the holidays have left you broke it’s still worth looking at. You can find him over here on etsy.