S-Tier Sculpture Beauty

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Like many Zelda fans, I was excited…then saddened when the limited edition 3DS of Majora’s Mask was announced as it seemed they all sold out within minutes or hours. While I would’ve been happy with just the pretty looking system, I know many also clamored for the even more limited statue of Skull Kid. Thankfully, there is an exceptional artist running S-Tier Studio that might be able to help give you something equally as beautiful.

Skull Kid & Tael

Adam is based out of Ohio and creates stunning sculpture pieces using not just oil based clay, but various painting finishing techniques such as airbrushing, dry brushing and washes. This particular piece took him over a year to make as he originally felt he wasn’t skilled enough to produce what he wanted. A feeling known well by many an artist and artisan. His most recent finished piece is of Bowser Jr. as he is in the more recent Mario series but his small but growing gallery is well worth the look through and certainly a name to keep in mind the next time you want a custom sculpted piece.

Built Upon Sculpture

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3D art mediums we never my strong suit in school, but if I had bases like these that might be a different story.

Munny Bases

These are called Munny base bodies. They’re soft vinyl figures that you can build upon to make whatever you like! I stumbled upon these thanks to an artist who does just that.

Doctor Whoooooos set by EatToast

EatToast makes her creations by picking up the blanks and then builds each body up by hand. Layering sculpy and paint to an absolutely beautiful effect. My favorite one of her collection was her cyberman design, but her entire gallery is worth a look through as she also does beautiful color pencil art work as well.


If you’d like to give sculpture building from blanks your self, you can check out the munny world shop, my plastic heart and Rotofugi for some great options.