Amazing Sign Replicas

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I love me a good sign. And I also love accurate detail, so it will come as no shock that I am in love with Quest Design Canada. They make incredibly accurate recreation signs for the proud nerd in your life to display and use at home. My personal fav are all the Disney park ones (as seen above) which my husband doesn’t know we will one day be getting, lol.

Most of their signs are cast in resin and then bronze coated to keep costs down while still maintaining the desired look, though a few like the Hollywood Tower Hotel (Tower of Terror) are made from cut metal.

Besides signs, they also make some prop holders for displaying your geeky based weapons (lightsabers and laser guns for example) but if you’ve been looking for something truly unique for you SO/Family/Friend that will likely cause their jaw to drop, then I definitely recommend giving this shop a look through. 🙂

Labyrinth Knockers

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Remember the movie Labyrinth? I’m sure you’re familiar with parts of it at least *coughDavidBowie*cough* and beyond the obvious, there are a few items from that movie I’d love to have in my own home. One wonderful artisan has finally made some it a reality with her hand made door knockers.

Avilable in her etsy shop, Meadowhawk Props, you can find these as a set or individually for all your decorative/door knocker needs. ^_^ Sadly they do not talk like the pair in the film, but they have been wonderfully recreated and are made from cast resin and hand painted. Sturdy enough to serve as a real door knocker and let your fandom fly flag if you so chose. She’s running 2-3 weeks out as each piece is custom made like all the other wonderful props in the etsy store. Now I just have to sell my husband on these and I’ll be good to go! 😀


Glow in the Dark Wood Table DIY

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For those that don’t mind adding some fun into their adult homes & lives, this table is such a cool piece! Designed by mikeasaurus over at instructables, he’s put together a great step by step guide on how to make your own glow in the dark table. Just a heads up, basic knowledge on wood working and furniture building is required. Aside from the tools the materials list is really quite small:

Quick and simple of it is that the wood naturally has these holes due to a fungus that grew inside of it. You clean them out and then assemble the boards into your desired width/length table top. Before you finish it though, you’ll mix the glow powder and resin; pouring it into the cleaned out sections. (You’ll need to frame the table for this part obviously to make sure the resin doesn’t flow over the boards onto your floors). Once it’s set you simply clean up the resin and finish the table like normal. 🙂

Wonderful Wizarding Wear

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Thanks to my best friend, I now forever associate May with Harry Potter. As a result, I’ve been swooning over some incredibly well made jewelry this past week and I just have to share it. 😀

Bellatrix Skull Necklace by Leveled Up Accessories

Starting out with my fav is this lovely hand sculpted necklace based off the one worn by Bellatrix LeStrange in the Harry Potter movies. It’s so wonderfully detailed and since it’s nothing overt like a wand, it can do double duty for a witch/goth/macabre character or even been worn everyday! The artist has a new etsy store but she’s definitely a talent worth watching.

Firebolt Earrings by MiniSweetX

The second artist is just as skilled with her sculpting, but has a much wider selection in her shop. MiniSweetX specializes in -as her name would suggest- small sculpy based creations. While her Firebolt earrings first brought her to my attention, it was her chocolate frog earrings that won my heart. I mean, seriously, how adorably well made are these?! 😀

All of her work is made with surgical steel/nickel free metal to help those with common jewelry allergies as well, which is always a plus. If you also love Harry Potter items, I definitely recommend giving her shop a look through as well. 🙂