Pokemon meets High Fantasy

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Coming up with a title today was a bit challenging since by virtue of it being a fictional world Pokemon is already Fantasy, but the art today has a bit more of a classical fantasy take on it.

A casual gamer herself, Jae of From Jae take her love of fantasy and makes quite lovely traditional and sculpture art with it. Besides her Pokemon inspired pieces, some of my favorite ones are her her-animals.

Her line work and attention to detail is really quite magnificent. I especially love her color selection in this Mer-Cat piece. All her sculpture pieces are unfortunately sold out at the moment, but you can find her shop here should you wish to check out future designs or even join her update list so you’ll be alerted when they go up.

Plushed Pocket Monsters

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As a crocheter and plush maker myself, I can be very picky about the styles I like when it comes to how other people design theirs. So today I wanted to highlight an artist that makes plush based off the adorable creatures from the world of pokemon!

Water Tower by aphid777

One of the things I love the most about their design is how they make the eyes. Instead of just crochet the shape or making it out of felt, they use the needle felting process to give the eyes a beautiful seamless look. Her designs are also just that side of being easily recognized while still made to look ‘chibi’ and cute.

Baby Eeveelutions by aphid777

She of course has made lots of other designs that are equally as fabulous (you may have seen her Skull Kid around the internet a while back), she is kind enough to offer several of her pokemon pattern designs up on deviantart for free. Certainly a project worth trying if you’re looking give amigurumi making a go. ^_^


Oh My Geekness

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I have said quite a few times I am a sucker for handmade jewelry.  I absolutely love the craftsmanship that goes into every piece.  So when I saw Oh My Geekness at Con Bravo the quality and uniqueness of the jewelry stood out to me.  Jess Firsoff sells her jewelry pieces on line as well as conventions in Ontario.  She has been featured on many sites including Kotaku.

Take a look at some of her different and unique jewelry.



The hoverboard is a replica of the one from Back to the Future!  Not only does she make high quality, interesting jewelry, but she also creates pieces from all areas of video game, comic book, and pop culture.

Check out her etsy store here, and her facebook here.


Soap for the clean nerd

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In another one of my wandering on Etsy, I came across this excellent store. You know those fun shaped decorative soaps that people sometimes put in their bathrooms? The ones that look too pretty to use? Yeah I just found the nerdy equivalent. Check out Chrystal Doucette’s shop Digital Soaps on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Digitalsoaps). These soaps are amazing and leave me wondering just how she makes or finds the molds to make the soaps.

Dragonball soaps

These are made as surprise inside pokeball soaps 🙂

SOAP Pokeball With Toy Inside, Surprise Gashapon

Then there are her game cartridge soaps

SOAP Gameboy cartridge parody with case, energy citrus scented, Kirby's Dreamland title

There are so many more where those came from and they’re all as equally fun. Chrystal comes up with some really fun soaps and helpfully lists the ingredients in her soap. This is nice for those who may have sensitivities. Perhaps I’ll add some of these adorable soaps to my powder room so guests can see my nerdiness.



Redefining Pocket Monster

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I’m probably showing my age here, but does anyone remember when you had to make those little scenes in a shoebox back in elementary school? Is that just a US school system thing? I think they were called dioramas, and I distinctly remember making a sub-par one in place of a book report. Bon-AppetEats’s creations certainly make it look so now at any rate. This lady makes absolutely beautiful and creative fake ecosystems for Pokemon out of sculpy and resin, but get this. They are all inside of Altoids Tins!

Pokemon Altoids Tins by Bon-AppetEats

She also mixes real elements in with her little pocket monsters, but I just love the creativity behind this kind of project. She even has tutorials on how get started with sculpy so you can make your creations! Oh man, now I have desires to make Doctor Who ones but I only eat those tiny Altoid Mints and they come in an even smaller tin… D: