Render Issues

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I have seen a few artists that give life to your favorite video games on canvas at many conventions.  There are a few that are well done, some that you can see the lines underneath, and some that are different by adding new and interesting elements to the paintings.  Render Issues paints on canvas and that is it.  That is all he needs to do because what he creates is amazing, detailed, and wants to bring me back to my childhood.  His paintings are very crisply done and you can’t see any pencil lines under the paint which to me shows how much of an artist he really is.



He doesn’t have a website or etsy store where you can buy his paintings, but he does take commissions!  If you want to see his entire body of work so far or would like to commission a painting you can see his Facebook page at


Sunday Wrap Up

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We have had some fantastic projects shared with us on the forums.

Whitetree finished his Megaman Inlay Wall Hanging

BigDaddyWiz Did an amazing cross stitch of the Pumking logo.

Lexxi did this AMAZING Batman quilt that makes the panels look like they are movie strips.

And Eliste did this really well done Baby Quilt.

Remember, if you want to see your projects on the blog, you need to post them in the forums!


Now Introducing Donna!

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Hi Everyone! My name is Donna and I own a business called Continuously Dreaming.  I create pixel art not only on canvas, but out of Perler beads as well.  I have been painting since I was in middle school.  I started by selling my landscapes to friend, family, and small businesses.  It was two years ago that my friend Dana asked me to share a booth at Magfest.  Once I decided to do it, I delved into a world of seeing my favorite video games in a whole new light.  Although I bombed my first convention, Toni kept encouraging me to continue.  With her help and thinking outside of the box, I have a business that let’s me finally craft my heart out! I look forward to helping others perfect their business as Toni has done for me.