Fall & Halloween-Themed Knits

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Happy Eve of All Hallow’s Eve, Hackers!

With this being my favorite season and tomorrow being my favorite holiday of the year, I decided to focus on some cute, themed knitting patterns for today’s post. (I am focusing my post on knit patterns since we have some other, more experienced posters to focus on crochet patterns.)

I may not have human children of my own (and my cat, Helo, isn’t thrilled about wearing things I knit for him) but I just love some of the adorable ideas that people come up with for babies and toddlers. For example, this pattern for a little fox hat and baby mitts is not only one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, it also is a fairly easy pattern. Both beginners and experts would have little to no difficulty following this pattern and this would be a fantastic shower gift for a baby due in the fall. You will need to have knowledge of your basic knit and purl stitches but you shouldn’t need to go in to the detail of increasing/decreasing stitches. The pattern is currently marked down in price but even at it’s regular price, it is pretty affordable.

This next pattern does have at least a little crocheting, however, you can adapt it with a knitted strand instead. This too-cute pumpkin hat for babies is simple and wouldn’t require a ton of your time. And with a little change here and there, you can make it for toddlers or even adults as well.

One of the things I am most obsessed with in the fall is that it’s the perfect time of year to wear shrugs and ponchos. And for those of you who are big-time Outlander fans, this pattern from Ravelry for a Claire-inspired shrug will give you that Sassenach look with little effort and time. Find the free pattern here. (This may be the next thing on my “to knit” list since I think it’s simple and elegant and because my office building is usually set to sub-arctic temperatures.) Depending on the type of yarn you choose and the pattern, shrugs and ponchos can be worn year-round as well.

Because the fall weather can be crisp, I wanted to share one more pattern to help keep you warm from head to toe: leg warmers. While this may bring some of you flashbacks to the days of Flashdance, these simple items are a great way to keep toasty in the brisk weather, whether going out on a blustery day or just bumming around you home with a mug of tea or cocoa. A lovely pattern for chunky yarn leg warmers can be found here.

The best part of fall is the crisp, clean weather, in my opinion. Knitting and crocheting provide stylish ways to keep warm and it’s a great skill to have and hone. And as usual with my posts, these items all make for great gift ideas too!

Keep warm, Hackers! And stay stylin’.

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Vintage Sewing Resource

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With Halloween just around the corner, I know I’m not the only one with costumes on my mind. Half the problem though is looking for what you want as not all patterns are easily available or you have to flip through endless catalogs to find what you need. Well, if you are in need of something 25+ years old, have I got a resource for you.

This Wiki is without a doubt of the best resources for quickly looking through real manufactured patterns for your vintage needs, and they just uploaded over 83,000 this summer! :O I’ll let them tell you a bit about themselves:

We are working to create one location online where people can go to browse through vintage patterns starting from the year 1992 and older and share information about them, including:

  • Links to sellers who have particular patterns in stock
  • Reviews by people who have made the patterns (share photos!)
  • Links to blog posts about particular patterns
  • Wishlist of people who want to buy or trade particular patterns
  • Searchable ‘categories’ on patterns (like ‘cocktail’, ‘wrap dress’, ‘peter pan collar’ or whatever)

So yeah, really good stuff to be found here for the period accurate costumer. The pattern will likely not be free in the end, but at least it will be official as a majority of the patterns located on it come from many long standing brands such as McCalls and Serendipity. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been thinking of making a Linkle cosplay myself and I wonder if they have anything to help me make that cape of hers…

Woven Knit Scarf

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I’ve never been one for knitting as I find it takes much longer then crochet does, but I can’t deny that the results are much improved when making clothes due to the way the yarn is woven together. I was especially impressed by this lovely scarf.


It was made by deviantart user Tessa4244 and it’s a really beautiful example of what an expert knitter can do. If you’ve been looking for something unique to wear and know how to knit, hop on over here to her etsy store where she has this and several other patterns available.


Crochet Holiday Bowling

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I love a good Halloween party, but the tricky part? Planning games. Adults just typically need alcohol and whatever you can scrounge up but kids can be a hard sell. Not everyone wants a wet face trying to get an apple and they can only pin the random item onto a picture so many times in one year before the novelty wears thin. Well, you’re in luck as I found something you crocheters can make yourself that is cute, entertaining, and can even be used as decorations when you’re not using them!

It’s a small Halloween bowling set! Each of the pins measures about 2.5″ tall and the eye bowling ball is around 4″ in diameter. I came across these during a crawl through the ravelry holiday selection and was utterly charmed by their simple design. The artist (mnsnow) also designed an entire second set in case some of these weren’t to your liking.

I’m sure the default is just to use poly-fil stuffing, but I say make it a challenge and put some weight at the bottom with poly-pellets! It will even help them stand easier when using them as decor during this fun and spooky holiday. ^_^ There is a special listing at their etsy store with patterns for both sets right here, or just click on the individual pictures to see the respective pattern listing instead.


Ever heard of Washi tape?

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I was putzing around buzzfeed one day when I found a list for something called Washi tape. I’d never heard of it before and the list was about ways to decorate with it (http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/56-ways-to-decorate-with-washi-tape). There are some pretty fantastically fun ideas on the buzzfeed list so I just had to look up more info on this Washi tape stuff. Turns out that Washi tape is a type of colorful Japanese tape, similar to masking tape. It is made out of paper, but its stronger than you might think because it is made from natural fibers like bamboo and hemp. The tape is made in many different colors and patterns, which has inspired crafters to do all sorts of things with it.

Needless to say I’m intrigued, I might have to get my hands one some of this Washi tape and see what I can decorate with it. Better yet instead of buying it, perhaps I can make some; I found a tutorial on the Gunny Sack blog for making one’s own Washi tape. It looks relatively easy, just a matter of finding cute tissue paper and some double sided tape, here’s the link to the tutorial: http://www.thegunnysack.com/2012/05/how-to-make-your-own-washi-tape.html

Here are some of the fun things I’d like to try (from the buzzfeed list) with the Washi tape, just check out the buzzfeed list or pinterest for more ideas:

Make magnets that look like pieces of tape.

Washi tape magnets, how cute are these?!

Transform a computer keyboard.

Make your keyboard a source of creative inspiration!

Decorate your furniture.

Upgrade boring furniture so it has a little more flair!

Time to make or pick up some Washi tape and have some crafty fun!