Paper Cup Comic

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Proof that anything can be a canvas if you have the creativity and inspiration, Japanese artist Shinrashinge turned 3 nested paper cups into their own ‘live action’ manga via careful cutting and layering.

By turning the two inner layers they’ve created another epic battle between Dragonball Z characters Goku and Frieza; as well as the iconic Shen Lon dragon scroll along the bottom. (Though this battle is likely the shortest one they’ve ever had ^_~ ) It’s a pretty cool piece and a fun concept to play with if you’re paper crafting skills are up to snuff. Personally I have a tricky enough time with a flat surface, much less a curved one. You can watch the full video of the design in actions here, or just start following their instagram if you want more art like this in your life. ūüôā


DIY Easter Activities

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The holding of getting drunk and the holiday of bunnies and eggs are separated by less than 2 weeks this year, so I don’t know about you but it’s been taking my by surprise to see all the Easter candy everywhere instead of shamrocks. I decided to jump on that bandwagon today though and share some DIY printable Easter crafts for kids that you can prepare and have ready when the day comes.

First up is a super simple one that’s always a classic; pin the tail on blank. A bunny in this case obviously, but all you’ll need for this game are the printed 12×18, some ribbon to hang it with ans the bunny tails. Bloom Designs recommends more print outs, but I think using cotton balls would be much more enjoyable. ūüôā

Being a yarn person, this one from Fantastic Fun and Learning definitely speaks to me as a great way to get rid of unwanted yarn! Simply cut and egg shape out of some cardboard (think cereal box kind), punch a hole at the top to start the yarn and wind away! The kids can even hang it up when they’re done if they like.

Do small things with love has a very lovely spring banner template that you can use on a large group very effectively. All you have to do is print (and cut depending on the age) the pictures out ahead of time, place them next to a bucket of crayons and let them have at it for a while. A bit of yarn of string and tape to hold it down with is all that’s needed when they’re done.

Lastly I Gotta Create! give us these super cute bunny head bands, with bonus tails! Not sure how well those would stay on, but this is a printable you’d have to take to your local copy/print location to get run off. If the kids are old enough you could even let them be the ones to cut out their own head band. ūüôā

DIY Independence Day

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I couldn’t forget the 4th of July in the States! ¬†Here are some great DIY crafts to do for Independence Day.

Tori posted an easy tutorial on how to make a t-shirt with a US flag on it that is also fun to make.

This red, white, and blue banner would make a great decor addition to your home or party.

Her Good Life has 5 awesome 4th of July dessert ideas including a cake that has the American flag baked right in!


DIY Canada Day

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July 1st is Canada day and if you live in Canada you may be looking at crafts to do on Tuesday.  So here are a few crafts you can do yourself or with kids for Canada Day.

Nicole posted an easy tutorial on how to make a t-shirt with a Canada flag on it that is also fun to make.

This Canada Day banner took Rebecca only 30 minutes to make and would be a great decor addition to your home or party.

Finally I found a recipe for a 5 layer Jello on Food Librarian. ¬†They have it posted for Valentine’s day, but it is a red and white striped recipe that would be perfect for Canada Day! ¬†I think I may make this for the barbeque I am going to on Tuesday. ¬†



Semi Sweet Shoppe

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I have said before I absolutely love clay art and miniatures. ¬†I am always on the look for talent with clay to add to my collection. ¬†I found Semi Sweet Shoppe today and was amazed at the talent she has for miniatures. ¬†Specializing in sweets, these miniatures are so lifelike they are just good enough to eat! ¬†But trust me, you wouldn’t want to.



Her prices are lower than any I have seen for miniatures.  Starting at just $5 the most expensive item in her Etsy shop is just $12 USD.  In addition to earrings, pendants, and rings she also offers hair bows and cute decorative boxes.  Check out her Deviant Art here: and her Etsy shop here:



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Stained Glass is an art that has been around for at least a thousand years.  Some of the most beautiful stained glass that I have seen adorns churches.  SenatorMars creates beautiful stained glass, but with a more modern touch.  I saw his Master Chief stained glass when it circled the internet a few months ago.

That isn’t his only impressive piece though. ¬†When I look through his Deviant Art gallery I am just blown away with the craftsmanship that he puts into each and every piece. ¬†There isn’t a single piece that doesn’t make me want it. ¬†For example:


Isn’t it just amazing? ¬†If you would like to see more of his work, check out his Deviant Art¬†or¬†his Facebook.

AG Styles

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I am a sucker for clay/sculpted items.  I seem to be obsessed with hand made sculpted earrings that I can wear and try to always purchase some from every convention I attend.  AG Styles takes sculpture to a whole new level though.  Her polymer clay Yoshi stylus was the piece that caught my eye and sent me to her Deviant Art page at

But then I started looking through her Deviant Art and visited her Etsy shop at and was just blown away from her talent!  Take a look at some of these pieces.



The totoro is amazing!!  I may have to buy something to wear to my next convention.  Check out her sites to see more!


Dollar Store Crafts

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I stumbled on a new form of crafting today that I didn’t know existed, Dollar Store Crafting. ¬†Basically these are great ways to decorate your home, create gifts, or create favors just using items you find in the dollar store. ¬†I found this form of crafting because I wanted to look for favors for graduation parties since we are in the graduation season. ¬†I stumbled upon Rolo Cap Favors.

They looked so cute and genius!  After looking at the directions I realized they are also really simple to make.  I will still make a post soon about other graduation ideas, but I got lost in the sea of dollar store craft ideas and just had to share some more.

There are just so many ideas. ¬†So if you wanted to update your home or throw a party but don’t have a lot of money, just search for dollar store crafts and you will see the wealth of projects available to you!


Nintendo Papercrafting

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I have always been obsessed with looking at papercrafts.  I think they are fantastic and unique and the people that are able to create them just blow my mind away.  The detail that goes into some of them is just amazing.  I was at dinner with my husband last night when he happened to show me an article from Kotaku yesterday about a papercrafter called Wuppes.  His creations are just breathtakingly beautiful!   Just take a look at the Legend of Zelda:LTTP map he created:

The detail is amazing!  I then took a look through his flickr gallery and was shocked at some of the other papercrafting he has created.  Take a look through his gallery and you will see what I mean.  Wanting more I googled papercrafting and stumbled on the Nintendo Papercraft site.  It is a website completely devoted to Nintendo papercrafting with tutorials!  Wuppes even uploaded some of his creations so you can make them yourself including these great projects:


Then I found the Paperpokes page with tutorials for Pokemon papercrafting.


Happy Papercrafting!



The Lost Art of Card Making

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As someone who used to work for Hallmark, I think I can say with some sort of weight that cards have become just a required bit of filler lately in society. We all know that when we give a gift, you must give a card as well. Something funny/sweet/sentimental that sort of reflects your feelings/thoughts on the event happening. Maybe it’s just because of my aforementioned retail employment, but I enjoy handmade cards so much more now than I used to and PossumPip-Creations just takes it to a whole other level. This UK based lady has cards that range from simple fandom related gems, to full out decoupage artworks that I know I would personally treasure/frame should I ever receive one.

Sonic Birthday Card by PossumPip-Creations

Be sure to check out her gallery for more cards and also images of the fan inspired food she has started to make as well. Mmmmmm cake…..

Plants vs. Zombies Cake by PossumPip-Creations