3D Paper Wall Art

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So we all know decorating can be a pain. Picking colors for paint. Finding pictures/painting for your walls. Making a theme almost guarantees you’ll double that time as well. While it won’t solve all your problems, I have found some very cool wall art that adds an interesting decoration to at least part of your room and it’s easy to remove as well!

These are handmade paper art installations that are just lovely and engaging. Each piece is cut and folded by hand by Oregon based artist Jacqueline Jean of hipandclavicle over on Etsy. The detail and precision of her cutting is just stellar. I could see myself using these in a nursery or a college dorm thanks to their inexpensive price and wall safe adhesive not leaving any marks. Most of the her work is nature themed as she loves the outdoors, though dragons have managed to jump in there from time to time.

No guides for layout of the pieces seems to be included with orders which means the possibilities are endless and can be altered to suit you needs. Got a big empty space to fill? Order a few sets and make a swirling design or a giant butterfly shape.

Most sets cost only $15 so if you’re looking for something different to decorate your walls with, I definitely recommend giving this shop a look through. πŸ™‚

Woven Paper Basket DIY

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I know, I know. Easter was yesterday, but I hadn’t found this really cute tutorial early last week so I’m sharing it now. πŸ˜› Besides, who says baskets are only for Easter?

Using this template from craftsy, you too can not make easy adorable paper baskets for whatever occasion you need! Besides their template, you will also need:

  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Lightweight Cardstock
  • Washi tape, or other low tack tape

The low tack tape is important because it’s only a placeholder and not part of the final product.

It’s used to hold the strips you’ve woven in place while you work so that in the end it’s only one glue job. This means less starting and stopping as you wait for each row to dry, but if you don’t mind waiting and can’t find the tape, you can certainly close reach row as you weave it in. Something I like about using the tape though is it lets you adjust the tension of your rows at the end to give you piece and nice finished look (just in case your technique wasn’t so good at the start. ^_~ )

Happy weaving!


Origami X-Wing DIY

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Origami is one of those crafts that I am in awe of and like to dabble in ocassionally ever since I was in elementary school. With the Star Wars franchise coming into the forefront thanks to episode VII, there has been all sorts of fun new designs coming out of the woodworks and one such designer has been kind enough to share their instructions!


The video easily walks you through the process very slowly (so have a good 16 mins to spare before attempting) and he rates the difficulty for this awesome X-Wing at about 50%. So maybe not the first one you should try, but certainly worth a shot if you have some experience under your belt. If videos aren’t your thing he’s also made a step by step guide hereΒ on instructable that you can scroll/read thru instead. Make sure to bring bandages if you’re prone to paper cuts though!