A Quirky Cup Collection

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Since I can taste tannins, I’m not a big coffee. To even enjoy tea I have to add sugar and milk to it. Which is why I think I covet all my tea mugs so fiercely. I hardly get to use them so when I do they need to be something unique. Figuring I wouldn’t be alone in my mug pursuit I wanted to share my latest cup discovery.

Sydonie Baldissera of The Quirky Cup Collective is a 23 year old South Australian artist that loves painting her own custom teacup/mug designs. I’m a sucker for all things Alice in Wonderland so they immediately caught my eye, lol. She of course makes designs that cover a wide range of tastes but it was the exquisite attention to detail that really drew me in. Her line work is wonderfully clean and unless you knew going in, you likely wouldn’t be able to tell they were hand painted at all! I recommend giving her shop a view, as well as looking in her past sales history to see all the amazing previous designs she’s done. 🙂

DIY – Exploding Death Star Lamp

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So I found this awesome little Gem over the weekend that I just knew I had to share with my fellow geeky crafters. 😀 It’s a fairly low cost project, but it will take you some time, and lots of painting.

Here’s your materials list:

  • IKEA PS 2014 Lamp
  • Light Grey Spray Paint
  • Masking Tape
  • X-acto Knife
  • Dark Grey Paint (either acrylic or spray depending on color options in your area)
  • Sealant Spray Paint

You’ll find the full step by step instructions over here. The quick and short of it though, is you’ll be spray painting the whole lamp shell with the light grey spray paint first, and marking and using masking tape to block certain areas off once it’s dried. After that you paint the whole thing again; with the darker spray paint if your lucky, of by hand if you’re not. Do one more round of spraying (2 if you’re paranoid) with a sealant spray and you’re done! It’s a pretty simple project that could easily be done in the afternoon if you have all the materials. 🙂 Then you too will be able to explode the Death Star whenever you like!

DIY Light up Murals

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Since I started my art training as a traditional 2D artist but now work in 3D, I love seeing projects that try to transform 2D pieces into something more interactive/stimulating. So when I found this DIY I knew I would have to share it. 🙂

The author is a lovely woman from the UK and she does and excellent job of walking you through the steps to recreate the dandelion design seen above, but don’t let that limit your design! She uses a strand of Christmas lights (something you’ll likely find cheap right now) to achieve to light up design so you’re not limited by the source when it comes to how you want the design to look. I say go crazy and use it on a snowy landscape scene or maybe a fantasy inspired setting. The only limit is your imagination. 🙂


A Hand Crafted touch to those Store Bought Dolls

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So, this artist, is pretty amazing. He takes those official mass produced dolls of characters and famous people and turns them into something worth having:

Katniss from the Hunger Games

Noel Cruz takes these dolls and, if you can believe it, simply repaints (or rewigs sometimes as well) the base faces of the original dolls to give them a more photo realistic finish that actually looks like the character/actor it’s based on! It’s quite a process as you can imagine.

Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory

The precision control he has over his painting is just inspiring to behold and allows him to auction off his finished dolls for over one thousand dollars. You will not regret a look through his gallery…though you may feel like you need to practice your painting more when you do, lol.


Sun Catcher Style without your Windows

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So I had something come across the dash the other day that I just had to go ahead and move up my post queue cause it’s so freaking pretty! 😀

Hand Painted Suncatcher Mug by ArtMasha

This beautiful piece of art is a glass mug that has been hand painted by the talented Ukrainian artist, Maria Prysuda. I’ve seen plenty of painted mugs and sharpie mugs and ceramic mugs, but I never would’ve thought to make a mug that’s inspired by sun catchers. I also love the little bubbly textured sections she’s mixed in as well. I’m not sure if she makes the mugs or just paints them but either way her work is just stunning, and it doesn’t stop there!

Constellation Clock by ArtMasha

She also makes custom painted wall clocks, coasters, teacups and, of course, sun catchers. Her description says the above piece is intended for a child’s room but this is something I’d love to display out in the main house where everyone could enjoy it. 😀

As I mention above she is based out of Ukraine, but her shop ships all over the world so don’t let that deter you from going and checking out her beautiful creations over at her etsy shop. ^_^


Painting Activities/Ideas

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With Summer sneaking it’s foot in early here on the east coast, I know many adults are soon to be faced with lots of children around and in need of activities to keep them busy. 😉 Well, never fear! I’ve got a collection of painting activities that can be done outside (easy clean up!) that are fun for kids and, who knows? Maybe they’ll inspire some decoration ideas as well. 🙂


This activity combines two things almost everyone enjoys. Bubble wrap popping, and painting. How could you ask for more?! Mess for Less has a full write up on it but all you need are large sheets of paper, paint, and some bubble wrap and you’re good to go! 😀 I love the scale like texture that the bubble wrap gives. Gives me ideas on using it for under water & fish paintings….


Now, this is one I’ve done several times with daycare children over the years and they always love it. As you may have guessed from the pictures, all you need for this painting activity are your medium, paint and lots of veggies! ^_^ This photo set comes from tend collective, and I really like how the ocra gave a lovely flower shape as a stamp. While I’m not sure how well it would hold dye, I’d be interested to also give this a try with fabric to see about making custom dyed shirt and curtains.


Better Homes and Gardens provides the last one today by combining paint with every kids favorite summer time activity, making bubbles. 😀 For this activity you’ll be mixing tempera paint with dish soap and water. Then use extra bubble blowers or even just some drinking straws to make bubble prints all on your paper. If it turns out well enough, you can makes prints and hang it up (as seen in the example) or turn your art into coasters/mugs/necklaces with the aid of some modge podge. It’s an excellent medium for capturing summer however you do it though. 🙂


Render Issues

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I have seen a few artists that give life to your favorite video games on canvas at many conventions.  There are a few that are well done, some that you can see the lines underneath, and some that are different by adding new and interesting elements to the paintings.  Render Issues paints on canvas and that is it.  That is all he needs to do because what he creates is amazing, detailed, and wants to bring me back to my childhood.  His paintings are very crisply done and you can’t see any pencil lines under the paint which to me shows how much of an artist he really is.



He doesn’t have a website or etsy store where you can buy his paintings, but he does take commissions!  If you want to see his entire body of work so far or would like to commission a painting you can see his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RenderIssues.


A Prop Closet All Your Own

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While I have gone on about my lack of sewing skill, I do enjoy using my other crafting abilities to create props or recreation pieces. My shop and convention schedule keeps me from having the time to really go crazy like I used to, so instead, I’ll just show off this amazing artist’s skill. ^_^

Ebony Dagger by ryoshi-un

Ryoshi-un has a beautiful gallery that is filled with high quality replicas to simple weathering examples and miniatures. I was so happy to stumble upon his work on deviantart this week so I could share it with everyone. He was even kind enough to show how he goes about creating a piece with his Goonies Key replica. Would that I had the time and resources…my house would be filled with this stuff, lol.

Copperbones Key Replica by ryoshi-un

I also love his Vampire Slayer Kit and Zombie Walk costumes. The later of which he design just for himself and his significant other. ^_^


DIY with your kids

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Here in Ontario it is the last day of school.  I know that seems late to those in the States, but here school doesn’t start until after Labor day and they have more holidays during the school year, so kids get out later.  It got me thinking that all of these kids are going to be home starting tomorrow and they need something to occupy their time.  So here are a few cool DIY projects you can do with them (and get rid of some of those “crafty” things around the house).

Perler Bead Placemats

I saw this tutorial and thought it was a fantastic idea.  I have all sorts of perler beads hanging around my house and want to get rid of them.  This is a perfect solution!

Check out the tutorial over at Meaningful Mama.

Homemade Snow Globes

Yes, you too can make your own snow globe!  I have seen the kits and the pieces at Michaels, and even made a few simple ones at Christmas, but this tutorial uses items around your house and makes it look easy to create a completely unique snow globe.

Courtesy of http://www.alittlecraftinyourday.com/2013/07/21/how-to-make-a-snow-globe-diy-kid-craft/.

And lastly, who doesn’t like painting on the sidewalk?  Here is a great recipe for Sidewalk Paint found at http://formulamom.com/diy-kids-crafts-diy-sidewalk-paint/.



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Stained Glass is an art that has been around for at least a thousand years.  Some of the most beautiful stained glass that I have seen adorns churches.  SenatorMars creates beautiful stained glass, but with a more modern touch.  I saw his Master Chief stained glass when it circled the internet a few months ago.

That isn’t his only impressive piece though.  When I look through his Deviant Art gallery I am just blown away with the craftsmanship that he puts into each and every piece.  There isn’t a single piece that doesn’t make me want it.  For example:


Isn’t it just amazing?  If you would like to see more of his work, check out his Deviant Art or his Facebook.