The Painted Wallpaper

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Is wallpaper still used that often nowadays? I know when I was younger it was very not ~in style~ and having done house work myself, I know how much of a pain taking it down can be. Well I have a lovely solution for those of you who like the look of wallpaper but don’t like the hassle of it.

UK based artist Clare Bosanquet saw these patterned rollers that have been used in countries like Denmark for almost 100 years and fell in love with them. When she got back she decided to create her own system that would allow the user to use the roller for longer periods with her dual roller brush design. There’s even a custom one if you want to paint your fabric with these patterned roller instead!

The finished look is simple yet detailed and can really add some pop to your room without all the headache wallpaper would bring. She’s got a sop of full designs that you can find here at her etsy page. ^_^


Galaxy Lanterns

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I know these have been making the round everywhere but I just had o share them cause they are beautiful. What are they? Well, as the title says they are galaxy lanterns but these arn’t mass produced. Oh no. They’re hand painted.

Created by Etsy user OwnTheSkyART, these works of art even have tiny pin holes to give your place a starry light show after the sun has gone down. If string lanterns aren’t your thing, they also have others designs up in their shop, including a stand alone table lamp that I think is just lovely. Definitely worth a look if you or someone you know enjoys all things space.


Labyrinth Knockers

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Remember the movie Labyrinth? I’m sure you’re familiar with parts of it at least *coughDavidBowie*cough* and beyond the obvious, there are a few items from that movie I’d love to have in my own home. One wonderful artisan has finally made some it a reality with her hand made door knockers.

Avilable in her etsy shop, Meadowhawk Props, you can find these as a set or individually for all your decorative/door knocker needs. ^_^ Sadly they do not talk like the pair in the film, but they have been wonderfully recreated and are made from cast resin and hand painted. Sturdy enough to serve as a real door knocker and let your fandom fly flag if you so chose. She’s running 2-3 weeks out as each piece is custom made like all the other wonderful props in the etsy store. Now I just have to sell my husband on these and I’ll be good to go! 😀


DIY Cork Board Design

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I always feel like I’m walking this strange balance as an adult of ‘do I furnish my house like a sensible person, or as a crafty gamer would?’ Stuff like this very simple sprite based cork board DIY make that decision all the harder really.

This is youtuber Mortem3r (aka Suzy from Game Grumps) and while this is an older video of hers, she really does a great job explaining and visualizing how to put this together. Not sure why she was so worried about the lines that would’ve made an excellent grid. If you make a complex sprite (like Mario) then I suggest using the grid and painting over the lines. Just allow some dry time between colors to prevent accidental mixing.

If I were to make one…..I’d probably not go with the Zelda hearts design. I have to admit the idea of a tetris one really appeals to me and could be fun to arrange! Either way, this is a great DIY project that is simple, inexpensive, and will definitely be unique piece in your home. 🙂


Stitched Towels

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I know I’m biased since I’m a crafter by nature anyway, but I’m really excited about the idea of decorating my house with the skills I’ve learned over the years. With stitched towels being my most anticipated, though sadly most often moved to the back burner. They have such a large range of design options available to them as well.

This is the style most people probably think of when they think of decorating towels (though that’s not a terribly common decoration to see on them!) with simple cross-stitch x’s making the design. I’ve been growing more fond of the much more versatile back and satin stitch style though; something that this stitcher has done absolutely beautifully.

While my towels are going to be cafe themed, I loved that MadX-Stitcher used their skills to add a touch of fandom to their kitchen. If you want to go for master class, try mixing some embroidery paint into your design. It comes in a fairly decent range of colors and is a special oil based paint that can be washed and used on a large variety of mediums. So get crafting! 😀


Dreamlike Animal Sculptures

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These came across my dash during Christmas and I was just in awe of their beauty. The creator is a Russian artist called Evgeny Hontor, and his work is just lovely. As his personal description says, his pieces are inspired my dreamworlds and fantasy; something you can clearly see in the flowing lines and curves of his designs. The majority of his sculptures are hand made from velvet clay and painted, with only his jewelry being made from metal, making each one unique. I can only imagine how many hours each piece must take on such a small scale with all that detail he crams in there.

He has quite the large selection of pieces online right now, and even if the holidays have left you broke it’s still worth looking at. You can find him over here on etsy.


Holiday DIY Gift Ideas on a Budget

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Yup, it’s that time of year where even though you know you don’t have to give someone a gift and that they’ll understand your shoestring budget, you really want to anyway. Well I’m hear to help you out fellow crafters with another list of gifts you can make for very little that can mean a awful lot. I’ve group them by skill this year (bath making, sewing, etc.) with a few options listed as links under each one so feel free to pursue the whole list or just skip on down to your preferred skill set. Hopefully it will provide some idea you hadn’t considered yet. 🙂


First up, are some DIY Key Fobs.  Inspired by the Kate Spade line, these can make a great custom gift for that hard to shop for family member. If you have a sewing machine and extra fabric/thread lying about you’re already most of the way there. Infinity scarves have become very popular in the past few years so why not make a custom one instead? You can make it their favorite color or even make several to match their favorite outfits. Got some old jeans or beach towels that are on their way out? Give them new life baking a Country Jean Apron or a Towel Beach Bag. Both are very inexpensive but easily customizable to fit any taste.


Coaster sets are always a great stand by gift that can be simple to make and look great in a home. These Terra Cotta ones are a nice twist with their raised edges. Know someone that enjoys some humor in the everyday dishes? Give these easy Mason Jar ‘I’m so Fancy’ tumblers a try.


Jewelry on the inexpensive side can be very hard to pull off, so I only recommend making these for people that you know that enjoy costume jewelry as part of their everyday wear. That said, these sequins bracelets hold a lot of creative possibilities. If you don’t know anyone that uses fashion jewelry, then make them a Personalized Jewelry Holder out of a simple ceramic dish and some adhesive vinyl that you print your design out on.

Towels & House Gifts

(Working with Dyes and Paints)

Kitchen towels can be a great gift for new families and singles alike and I’ve found a few variations that can appeal to various skill sets. My favorite are these Ombre Dyed ones as I love the chromatic design that’s easy to make. If working with Dye is not your thing then maybe give Stenciled Towels a try. You just need cheap acrylic paint, fabric medium to mix with, towels, foam brushes and a stencil. Speaking of paint, just pick up some wooden handle roasting sticks and custom paint the handles to make a great personalized gift for the outdoors/s’mores maker in your family.

Beauty Products

Soap is of course the simplest DIY gift as many recipes are simply heat, mix and pour. These Milk and Honey bars being a prime example. Just be sure you know the recipient’s allergies when making your beauty products. Perhaps your person is less of a bar soap and more a scrub person, make them some custom Lemon Sugar Scrub that will help exfoliate their skin. This one in particular is for your lips, but could be used all over if made in larger sizes. Not into showers and more into baths? Try your hand at making a jar of Fizzy Bath Salts. Just like bath bombs but you don’t have to get a mold to make them with. Can’t decide? make all of them and give them out as little treat yourself baskets to your various family members! Most of these recipes make 9-12 pieces/uses so the cost still remains low.