Felted Decor and Ornaments

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The Holidays are always the time to show off your best crafting skills. The one time of the year you can fill the house with what you love and no one will bat an eye; they’ll simply call you festive. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve got 2 artists today that both specialize in wonderfully detailed hand felted items that work great on a tree or even around your home!

Miri of Noristudio specializes in making adorable woodland creature who often have an adorable acorn beret on their head. I personally loved this little hedgehog, but you can find a whole collection of them in her shop, including a set of ornaments to hang up in your home! Another thing I love is that they’re interested in bringing new people to the medium with their DIY kits for beginners. Something that could make an excellent gift for the crafter in your life that’s seeking a new and challenging medium to tackle. ๐Ÿ™‚

The second artist is just as exciting with their dedication to realism in their pieces. I mean, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear some of these pieces were real.

Made by Natalja of TaFiOLand, these pieces are really quite wonderful. They are a German based artist of quite some talent, imho, and I just find their precision with the medium to be considerably well honed. Several of their pieces can be used as table decoration or hanging on your tree, but there are even a few pieces that can be used for lighting fixtures around the home. Really just lovely work that I highly recommend checking out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Handfelted Cat Beds

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I know that the internet loves cats, and I really can’t blame them. Cats are great pets and mine is certainly an endless source of amusement and love. So any time I see something that could make my cat happy I just have to share it, and this time it’s a great handmade cat bed. ๐Ÿ˜€

Designed by Etsy artist Elevele, these adorable cat beds are hand felted to give your cat a cozy place to curl up in (and look super cut while doing so). She got the inspiration to make them when she noticed her cat (then a kitten) had curled up inside an slipper she’d just made and fallen asleep. Caught by the sight she made something bigger instead until finally perfecting her design with these lovely beds.

These types of beds appeal to cats as they like comfy enclosed spaces for the feeling of protection they bring from outside threats, as well as enclosing the heat to help keep them warm (this is also why cat’s sleep in a circle ๐Ÿ˜€ ). The base has a comfy layer of cotton and linen batting that can be pulled out to be cleaned or replaced. The whole bed can be cleaned really, but the base will be the likely hair magnet. If you don’t think your cat would like little pocket caves to snuggle in, she also makes open basket style ones for your cat to lounge in instead.

The shop is based out of Eastern Europe, and you’ll have to take that into account if wanting to order any holiday gifts. It’s certainly something I’m heavily considering for my own cat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It Must Be Felt

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We are into the full Spring of things here at Craft Hackers and I am no exception. I’ve professed my eternal love for plush before but in the last few years or so have noticed a new-ish trend that simply delights me: needle felting. The soft little fuzzies can be so precise in their details yet remain cute and squishy. I’ve been very impressed with several artists I’ve stumbled across at conventions and those that have come across my Etsy feed, especially their Spring inspired collections.

Look at how adorable this little one is!

Look at how quackingly adorable this little one is!

They are whimsical, they are hyper-realistic, they are geeky, they are large and they are small. Each artist infuses their creations with their own flair and it makes the art form quite diverse.

Every bunny needs one of these.

Every bunny needs one of these.

I especially like when I find some intricate designs that just pop against their base color in a plush I wouldn’t mind hiding around the house every year (except that the cats would probably also have fun with it, much toย the poor thing’sย detriment).

These are so eggs-ellent.

These are so eggs-ellent.

If you are curious about this art form and wonder how to get started, never fear, Etsy is here! There are actually several shops I’ve found with starter kits with several lovely color packs to choose from.

Enough to start your own heart-felt creations.

Enough to start your own heart-felt creations.

If you feel inspired to try your hand at needle felting, please show us your work in the Craft Hackers forums! I’d love to see it!

As today is a typical rainy Spring day, next week we’ll cover some rainy day activities!

Stay crafty!