Flower Crowns and Horns

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I know it’s become a big ~thing~ on the internet to give bad guys flower crowns but sometimes you just want your own real flower crown to feel pretty yourself. If that’s you then I’ve got a great shop to recommend.

Hand made in Europe by Katerina Metamorphose, these flower crowns are some of the best I’ve seen. Each flower is made by hand from varying textiles and can be custom tailored to fit your needs. Not into flower crowns and more of a laurels or leaf person, she’s got you covered! You can also find unique horn wreathes, antlers and Unicorn horns to accompany a wide variety of costume possibilities. Yes you’ll have some wait time if you live outside of the EU, but man is this quality worth it. I highly recommend giving her Etsy store a look thru if this at all strikes your fancy. 🙂

Moon Jewelry

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I love hand made jewelry. 99% of the time it’s so unique and unlike anything you’d find mass produced. Things that are also great? Space. In this case, the moon specifically.

This pair is just one of many pieces of jewelry hand made by the German shop, VillaSorgenfrei. They’re a group of 9 artists and artisans who design and make hundreds of unique piece of jewelry that are all inspired by nature. Their moon based pieces are hands down my biased favorite with this wrap watch taking the number one spot.

It’s beautifully simple so that it could easily pair with just about any outfit. 😀 Their items are all very reasonably priced too, which is just a bonus with good jewelry. If you haven’t heard of them before I recommend giving their shop a look through at the very least to enjoy all the pretty. 🙂

Stained Glass Creations

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I’ve been into stained glass a lot lately with my personal art projects, so I wanted to share an artist that has some pretty inspiring stuff with a modern take on the medium. Must be all this sunshine thanks to Spring coming in causing me to look out windows all the time. 🙂

New Jersey artist is Neile Cooper has a big thing for negative space in her stained glass and I kinda adore it. Combine that with her beautiful design work and you get some pretty stand out beautiful pieces. Not everyone can afford to get an entire wall made out of stained glass in their house, obviously, but the effect is quite striking. I love the way it almost blends into the nature around it.

For us plebeians with normal houses though, she makes some stunning sun catchers that you can check out on her etsy store. My personal favorite are the gemstone ones as I feel the colors and geometric lines lend themselves to it very well. She also makes some neat butterfly wing jewelry in stained glass style that is quite unique.

Life Like Needlefelting

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I know I’ve posted some pretty spectacular needle felted items in the past, but seriously, I just keep finding incredibly talented people when it comes to this relatively unknown art form! This newest find has been selling her work on Etsy for the past 3 years and it’s just amazing.

Yvonne’s Workshop is all about making custom nature based display pieces for you home that are just so on point. Other then witchcraft I have no idea how she gets something heavy like that owl to balance properly. XD Her work can also be delicate and small though.

She’s a former Pixar employee that, like most of us, just has a love of all things art. Her plans are to expand her shop in the future to also include hand made baskets and possibly some future paintings as well. Until then her needle felting is still without a doubt worth a look to fawn over. 🙂

Japanese Straw Creatures

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All over the northern hemisphere Autumn is slowing creeping in. The days are shorter, the nights chillier, and if you are far enough north the leaves may already be falling. While we in the states in enjoy jumping in large piles of leaves to celebrate the season, I think I may like Japan’s tradition a bit more. It’s not leaves they are harvesting though, it’s rice straw.

When rice is harvested in September, the rice straw (wara in Japanese) is what’s left behind. Instead of just turning into bales like we do to make hay, the locals of the Niigata Prefecture instead turn that straw into art. A tradition they now celebrate with their annual Wara Art Festival! This dino was my personal favorite, but the skill of these artists cannot be denied.

Local artist, such as Amy Goda, use not only the rice straw but even crates to build up the size on some of these massive designs. The straw sculptures will be up on display until the end of November when Winter comes calling, so if you plan on visiting Japan during the Autumn months this is definitely a cool little art exhibit I would recommend checking out.


Glowing Fantasy Jewelry

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I found this artist thorugh tumblr, which doesn’t happen often but when it does, man oh man, I’m never happier to have an account there.

Dragon Fly Glass Pendent

This beautiful pendent is the work of Canadian artist Manon Richard of Papillon Jewelry. Though they make a few other designs, the majority of the stock is jewelry and it is just wonderfully elegant. I don’t know how this artist makes their colors, but I volunteer as tribute next cause my goodness they are ASTOUNDING. 😀 Their designs also tick all the fantasy/nature design aesthetics that I love, including a few fanart/recreation pieces such as Arwen’s necklace:

They also makes some pendents from hand blown glass, which is no surprise when you can create custom glow colors like this one. I know I’m always saying I don’t wear jewelry but if their chain won’t get caught in my hair….yeah, I may have finally found something to finally wear as a necklace again. ^_^