A Quirky Cup Collection

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Since I can taste tannins, I’m not a big coffee. To even enjoy tea I have to add sugar and milk to it. Which is why I think I covet all my tea mugs so fiercely. I hardly get to use them so when I do they need to be something unique. Figuring I wouldn’t be alone in my mug pursuit I wanted to share my latest cup discovery.

Sydonie Baldissera of The Quirky Cup Collective is a 23 year old South Australian artist that loves painting her own custom teacup/mug designs. I’m a sucker for all things Alice in Wonderland so they immediately caught my eye, lol. She of course makes designs that cover a wide range of tastes but it was the exquisite attention to detail that really drew me in. Her line work is wonderfully clean and unless you knew going in, you likely wouldn’t be able to tell they were hand painted at all! I recommend giving her shop a view, as well as looking in her past sales history to see all the amazing previous designs she’s done. ­čÖé

Special Delivery for Mom

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Happy Sunday, all!

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day here in the U.S. and there is still time to find excellent items for that wonderful Mom in your life. During my usual romp through Etsy, I found some great ideas, starting with this cute mug for those that don’t live near Mom:

So she can think of you every morning!

Up next, I was never really a fan of those children/grandchildren necklaces with birthstones until I came across these “family tree” style ones that look like leaves:

A monogram leaf and a birthstone for each child/grandchild looks so elegant.

The third idea I came across that really hit close to home for me was a custom printed recipe towel. My Mom, Grandmother, and I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen together, making family recipes. This seems like just the thing to bring that nostalgia as well as preserve some of those treasured recipes:

Grandma’s Snickerdoodle recipe can be immortalized in towel form!

Finally, I won’t call this a cop-out gift but it IS kind of a default in our family…chocolate. We can bump up the special factor a bit by personalizing the message on the chocolate at least:

A tasty treat and a cute sentiment.

I love giving my Mom homemade gifts, even if they aren’t made in my home!

Stay crafty!


A Mug for All Seasons

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On this Sunday, I bring you a mug of friendship with a dash of creativity.

This is a really big mug of friendship!

This is a really big mug of friendship! It actually has three handles.

Sound delicious? I assure you, it is! I’ve frequented many a Renaissance Festival and I especially love browsing the various artisans that set up shop. One that has had a place in my heart for years is Wondrous Works in Wood. They specialize in handmade wooden mugs but over the years, they’ve increased their beautiful offerings.

WWW mug selection

Look at all of those styles!

From mugs, to goblets, to shot glasses, to straws, to eating utensils, to wooden instruments, they make so many lovely things! All mugs are handcrafted from different types of hardwood and then sealed with thin (but effective) FDA-approved plastic. Because they are real wood, most of the mugs are one of a kind due to the grain and character of the wood itself but they often have several in the same style. This medium truly allows for some amazing patterns and shapes. The intricacy of some of the designs just leaves me astonished!

WWW checked mug WWW Goblets WWW Flame Box Elder mug

They can also add a monogram or custom design etched right into the mug type of your choice!

Maybe even your mug on a mug?

Maybe even your mug on a mug?

If you don’t feel like this is enough muggy goodness, know that they also have mug accessories like mug caps (for keeping unsightly bugs out of your drink), straps (for hanging your fashionable mug from your belt), and even mug corsets and hats!

Aren't we looking spritely today?

Aren’t we looking spritely today?

These mugs really stand up to wear and tear. Because they are made from hardwood (and so shrink and expand a little bit with heat and cold), it is not recommended that the mugs are put in the dishwasher or microwave but with hand washing afterwards, they are great for both hot and cold drinks. The best part about this business is not only their passion for their product but also for their customers. If your mug has an unfortunate accident (and it has not broken into more than 5 pieces), ship it to them and they will fix it, free of charge! They also make a very conscious effort to reduce and re-use their leftover wood by donating the remains to local art initiatives and classrooms. So if you are looking for a classy, useful drinking vessel, look no further!

Wondrous Works in Wood can be found on their website, Facebook, or Etsy.



Geeky Miscellany

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Perusing around Etsy for some fun geeky things, I stumbled across the wonderful shop of Neurons Not Included. It’s full of all sorts of fun geekery from across the board, anything from pop culture references to the human anatomy. They have an assortment of mugs, jewelry, ornaments, and magnets. It was their aluminum cuff bracelets that caught my eye.

This one specifically:

I’m a bit of a camera and photography nerd, so anything camera related makes me excited that I can wear my camera nerdiness without actually wearing a camera :-p

There is an assortment of geeky cuffs, like a chain of pixel hearts, a quote from Nikola Tesla and words spelled with elements from the periodic table.

Check out this fun hair clip:

There are others that look like zippers and neurons as well.

Then they have magnets, the following is a personal fave:

I'm a lumberjack- geeky funny magnet- 2 inch x 3 inch

I sing this song all the time, I had a good giggle over the fact that they made it into a magnet. As with their cuffs and hairclips there is an assortment of magnets, which are all very fun and nerdy.

The items are all made by Cindy and Randy Green in their spare bedroom turned studio. They print off all their designs and assemble all their pieces in house. Neurons not Included has quite the assortment of geeky items that one could use to show off their geekyness is fun ways. Check them out at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NeuronsNotIncluded