Jewelry Box Collection

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As I’ve mention my love for jewelry designs before, I’ve decided it’s just a jewelry kind of week for me and to share a collect of artisans’ works that I’ve been admiring over the last few months. 🙂

Starry NIght TARDIS by Monster Brand Jewelry

This lovely piece of metal work is by a Chicago based studio called Monster Brand. Jewelry making is a small portion of what they so, with photography and design taking up the bulk of their art. The quality of their finished metal work is just lovely though and I high recommend checking out their shop if you enjoy fantasy based jewelry.

FF7 Inspired Set by thingamajik

Besides having a wonderfully quirky name, thingamajik specializes in minimalist designs for their fan inspired art. While their beautiful FF7 set is what brought them to my attention, they jewelry inspired by characters and items from shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who, and even this very minimalistic Portal zipper bracelet that I absolutely adore.

Seal of Rassilon Necklace by Pia-CZ

While Pia-CZ works mostly with resin to create their jewelry pieces, this technique stood out to me instead. It’s a silk screened on clay pendent. Perhaps not as sturdy as resin, but I love the end result it gives and I hope to see them do more with this type of medium. Sadly they do not seem to be running a shop at this time, so you’d having to bug them through their DA account.

Cheshire Cat Necklace by Little Breezes Crafts

The last artist I’m going to feature also works with clay, and what I like about these designs is the added backing. It harkens back to Victorian era pendents while adding durability to the clay designs. All of Little Breezes Craft works are largely fan based, covering mostly anime and cartoon characters. Each one is beautifully handcrafted though and her shop is certainly worth a look through. 🙂