A Prop Closet All Your Own

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While I have gone on about my lack of sewing skill, I do enjoy using my other crafting abilities to create props or recreation pieces. My shop and convention schedule keeps me from having the time to really go crazy like I used to, so instead, I’ll just show off this amazing artist’s skill. ^_^

Ebony Dagger by ryoshi-un

Ryoshi-un has a beautiful gallery that is filled with high quality replicas to simple weathering examples and miniatures. I was so happy to stumble upon his work on deviantart this week so I could share it with everyone. He was even kind enough to show how he goes about creating a piece with his Goonies Key replica. Would that I had the time and resources…my house would be filled with this stuff, lol.

Copperbones Key Replica by ryoshi-un

I also love his Vampire Slayer Kit and Zombie Walk costumes. The later of which he design just for himself and his significant other. ^_^