DIY Zelda Shekiah Slate

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With less then a month until the release I just cannot contain my excitement for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. ๐Ÿ˜€ So, in case any of you out there feel the same (or just wanna make a really great cosplay prop), today I’d like to share a great step by step DIY video for how to make your own Shekiah Slate.

You will need several supplies to make this excellent looking prop, including:

-EVA Foam
– Hot Glue Gun + Hot Glue Sticks
-Acrylic Paint (Orange, Black, Blue)
-Spray Paint (Gold, Brown)
-Xacto Style Knife
-Clear Plastic Tube
-Sand Paper
-Wood Filling Paste
-Tiny LED Lights
-Wire Cutters
-Electrical Tape
-Plastic Sheet

There are a few more tools you could get to help you make it easier, but as you can see by the materials list, this project is gonna take some time to make. Worth it though for the awesome prop piece you’ll have by the end. ^_^

Battle Recycle

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It’s spring now, right? Sorta?

Well, with Easter only 2 weeks away I’m calling close enough to make a post about a bunny. This isn’t just any bunny though. This Asian twitter user turned this:

Into this:

The robo he’s got there was made from parts as well, so don’t think this was just a sewing project! The twitter handle is almighty0404 if you’d like to check out their picture progression of the process, but sadly I don’t read what I believe is Japanese kata kana (could easily be wrong though) so if they post about what it’s made from or how it’s done, I sadly cannot tell you. DO check out their picture progression though as it really is a crafting delight to see. They seem to make sculptures like these a lot so just a scroll down their twitter feed it a marvel. ๐Ÿ™‚


DIY Light up Murals

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Since I started my art training as a traditional 2D artist but now work in 3D, I love seeing projects that try to transform 2D pieces into something more interactive/stimulating. So when I found this DIY I knew I would have to share it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The author is a lovely woman from the UK and she does and excellent job of walking you through the steps to recreate the dandelion design seen above, but don’t let that limit your design! She uses a strand of Christmas lights (something you’ll likely find cheap right now) to achieve to light up design so you’re not limited by the source when it comes to how you want the design to look. I say go crazy and use it on a snowy landscape scene or maybe a fantasy inspired setting. The only limit is your imagination. ๐Ÿ™‚


Holiday DIY Gift Ideas on a Budget

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Yup, it’s that time of year where even though you know you don’t have to give someone a gift and that they’ll understand your shoestring budget, you really want to anyway. Well I’m hear to help you out fellow crafters with another list of gifts you can make for very little that can mean a awful lot. I’ve group them by skill this year (bath making, sewing, etc.) with a few options listed as links under each one so feel free to pursue the whole list or just skip on down to your preferred skill set. Hopefully it will provide some idea you hadn’t considered yet. ๐Ÿ™‚


First up, are some DIY Key Fobs.ย  Inspired by the Kate Spade line, these can make a great custom gift for that hard to shop for family member. If you have a sewing machine and extra fabric/thread lying about you’re already most of the way there. Infinity scarves have become very popular in the past few years so why not make a custom one instead? You can make it their favorite color or even make several to match their favorite outfits. Got some old jeans or beach towels that are on their way out? Give them new life baking a Country Jean Apron or a Towel Beach Bag. Both are very inexpensive but easily customizable to fit any taste.


Coaster sets are always a great stand by gift that can be simple to make and look great in a home. These Terra Cotta ones are a nice twist with their raised edges. Know someone that enjoys some humor in the everyday dishes? Give these easy Mason Jar ‘I’m so Fancy’ tumblers a try.


Jewelry on the inexpensive side can be very hard to pull off, so I only recommend making these for people that you know that enjoy costume jewelry as part of their everyday wear. That said, these sequins bracelets hold a lot of creative possibilities. If you don’t know anyone that uses fashion jewelry, then make them a Personalized Jewelry Holder out of a simple ceramic dish and some adhesive vinyl that you print your design out on.

Towels & House Gifts

(Working with Dyes and Paints)

Kitchen towels can be a great gift for new families and singles alike and I’ve found a few variations that can appeal to various skill sets. My favorite are these Ombre Dyed ones as I love the chromatic design that’s easy to make. If working with Dye is not your thing then maybe give Stenciled Towels a try. You just need cheap acrylic paint, fabric medium to mix with, towels, foam brushes and a stencil. Speaking of paint, just pick up some wooden handle roasting sticks and custom paint the handles to make a great personalized gift for the outdoors/s’mores maker in your family.

Beauty Products

Soap is of course the simplest DIY gift as many recipes are simply heat, mix and pour. These Milk and Honey bars being a prime example. Just be sure you know the recipient’s allergies when making your beauty products. Perhaps your person is less of a bar soap and more a scrub person, make them some custom Lemon Sugar Scrub that will help exfoliate their skin. This one in particular is for your lips, but could be used all over if made in larger sizes. Not into showers and more into baths? Try your hand at making a jar of Fizzy Bath Salts. Just like bath bombs but you don’t have to get a mold to make them with. Can’t decide? make all of them and give them out as little treat yourself baskets to your various family members! Most of these recipes make 9-12 pieces/uses so the cost still remains low.

Burning your Scents

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Loosely keeping with yesterday’s post of burning things, I thought I’d take a different route today and showcase a different way to make your house smell lovely when you burn stuff. Via incense! Though really it’s just the excellent creative holders that I love.

This one by Steam-HeART imminently caught my eye since I love Steampunk aesthetics (though the spider legs creep me out a bit…) and it is sadly a one off piece the artist designed for themselves. Mostly due to the time/materials making the cost too high for retail. We can all still admire it though. ๐Ÿ™‚

The style for this one is more traditional (long and flat for sticks), but man oh man ShirleysStudio gave it quite the epic fantasy makeover. The base if from the original burner but when it broke creativity struck. Their primary work is in these fantasy style creatures but this was a beautiful combination of piece and function.

While I know Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy this witch oven. LongHomeFox designed it to burn incense cones instead of sticks so that it would look like a fire in an oven. Really cool idea and to wood carving it top notch here. Though the last one I found kinda wins for smoke use with it’s design…

I mean, come on. It’s a baby dragon that looks like it’s starting up some fire as it’s hatching. How cool is that?! 1stQueenOfHalloween did a phenomenal job sculpting this porcelain piece. Check out her deviantart post about it as she goes into detail bout how it was made and how it functions if you want more info. It’s really great stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wood Working Tutorial: Weapons

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Any of you that go to cons will likely know that they have many rules about weapons at conventions. They all basically boil down to nothing real is allowed at the con. No real guns/ammo and no live steal (knives and swords). Even if you bought a really cool 6ft Sephiroth Masamune AT the con, it has to be in a box until you can take it out and it’s not allowed back in afterwards.

So what’s a cosplayer to do? Well, make their own out of other materials of course! I found a great detailed tutorial that a very kind wood working artist has shared online with his step by step process on how he makes his wooden weapons.

The tutorial by Sephiroths-Shadow completely illustrates and outlines how to create a dagger like the one seen above. The link is one long jpg infographic style and right at the top he lists all the materials you will need. It will require the use of some power tools to do, most notably a jigsaw with a small blade and a drill with a small drill bit. The only other item I recommend using with caution is the carving knife as I doubt you want to knick you fingers, so this design is definitely not something for a beginner. BUT! My husband (the wood worker in our relationship) gave this a look over and agreed that the techniques that the artist, Sephiroths-Shadow, uses can be applied to simpler projects as well. ๐Ÿ™‚


Fantastic Creature Art

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Sculpting is one of those mediums that has always eluded me. Carving out of rock is just an impossibility, but I feel I perform about average if it’s one that is built up on. Nothing I’ev done could ever touch this guy work though.

Red XIII by Bastard Prince

Bastard Prince is a japanese artist that specializes in creature art. Using a wide array of supplies to create beautiful fur covered pieces like Nanaki and Moobas, but also has such a talent with even clay mediums.

(And this was made before he’d even seen the movie! :O )

All of his sculptures are all one off unique creations and start at $110. If you’re looking for some professional one of a kind art for your home/office I highly recommend at least a trip through his gallery. You won’t be disappointed. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tick Tick Ticking Away

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With only a few days left for taxes here in the US of A, I know a lot of people have time on their mind. So, if you’re going to be staring at clocks, why not make them pretty ones! ๐Ÿ˜€

Monkey Clock by darktenshi17

A great stitched interpretation of the classic Paul Frank’s monkey by darktenshi17.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Clock

This lovely painted clock by Anastasia Kosenko has some great little details (like the minute markers on the edge) and I just love the idea of using the Doctor to tell the time. It will be half past David Tennant when this goes up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And if you really just want something pretty to look at with no numerical hints for the time, the people at The Gretest have you cover with their custom die cut style designs. If you really need a project to take your mind off the day, come back tomorrow for a DIY on making your own unique clock! ^_^


DIY Independence Day

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I couldn’t forget the 4th of July in the States! ย Here are some great DIY crafts to do for Independence Day.

Tori postedย an easy tutorial on how to make a t-shirt with a US flagย on it that is also fun to make.ย

This red, white, and blue banner would make a great decor addition to your home or party. ย

Her Good Life has 5 awesome 4th of July dessert ideas including a cake that has the American flag baked right in!ย


Fantastical Sculpture Garden

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As just about anyone whose taken a basic Art class or pursued anything in the traditional arts knows, the day your teacher first asked you to make something out of clay (heck even play dough) was often a day of woe. Class time often spent justifying that yes, those were logs/trees/balls and it was clearly an abstract piece of course and you were in no ways goofing around. Or perhaps that was just me? While I’d like to think I’ve gained some skill in sculpture making over the years, I’m certainly no where near the level for the very talented Ideationox, whose work for caught my eye thanks to her outstanding ‘Labyrinth’ movie pieces.

Just a Worm by Ideationox

She also appears to occasionally dabble with jewelry as well, but the bulk of her gallery is just incredibly beautiful and detailed sculpture pieces that, like the little worm above, will also incorporate mixed media sometimes. She’s only been on DA for the last 2 years, but her creations really deserve so much praise. ^_^