Crystalline Light

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In honor of the Winter Solstice this week, I thought I’d show case that ~Winter Aesthetic~ today with some really lovely crystal light fixtures designed by Melbourne Australia artist: Christopher Boots.

All his work is made by hand and with real metals and naturally formed crystals. Much like a traditional jeweler, he will spend hours scouring crystals to find the ones with just the right hardness/crystalline structure/fracture/transparency. A lot of his work plays with the organic yet geometric form of his medium and the results are just wonderful to behold.

You can find more of his work on his instagram page, as well as see glimpses of his upcoming projects/inspirations. Worth the follow if you have the app and are an art lover. ^_^

Felted Decor and Ornaments

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The Holidays are always the time to show off your best crafting skills. The one time of the year you can fill the house with what you love and no one will bat an eye; they’ll simply call you festive. 😉 I’ve got 2 artists today that both specialize in wonderfully detailed hand felted items that work great on a tree or even around your home!

Miri of Noristudio specializes in making adorable woodland creature who often have an adorable acorn beret on their head. I personally loved this little hedgehog, but you can find a whole collection of them in her shop, including a set of ornaments to hang up in your home! Another thing I love is that they’re interested in bringing new people to the medium with their DIY kits for beginners. Something that could make an excellent gift for the crafter in your life that’s seeking a new and challenging medium to tackle. 🙂

The second artist is just as exciting with their dedication to realism in their pieces. I mean, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear some of these pieces were real.

Made by Natalja of TaFiOLand, these pieces are really quite wonderful. They are a German based artist of quite some talent, imho, and I just find their precision with the medium to be considerably well honed. Several of their pieces can be used as table decoration or hanging on your tree, but there are even a few pieces that can be used for lighting fixtures around the home. Really just lovely work that I highly recommend checking out. 🙂

Light Up Your House

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I had this favorite chain restaurant I used to go to frequently that used stained glass lamps for all their booths. Most modern ones have moved away with their industrial style or minimalistic lamp shades, but there’s a certain charm and elegance with stained glass as well. So if you’re like me and enjoy that kind of style, well……you may want to give a stroll thru Midian Craft Works designs.

This life sized Storm Trooper Helmet lamp is what first drew me to her collection, and is by far her most ambitious piece with over 500 pieces of glass! I don’t know why anyone would want to wear it, but apparently it can be done. XD Her store features lamps of all shapes and sizes from a wide range of fandoms. I’m incredibly biased though and adore her simple rupee lamp. 😀

Of course she also has some standard sun catcher style pieces that are equally as beautiful…but a little kinder on your budget. She seems to be remaking more stock for her store so I recommend checking her gallery out over on deviantart to see some of the lovely pieces of art that could light you life up. 😉


Bright Lights

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Now, I know I’m about to possibly date myself here with this questions, but did anyone else enjoy Light Bright as a kid? It was one of my favorite things to sit there and work on and I remember getting so upset when my siblings would ruin whatever ‘masterpiece’ I had been working on. XD Well, I found an artist whose really gone a step further with the light pattern technique by taking pixel shapes and making working lamps!

Mosaic Zelda Lamp by VonBrunk

The artist’s name is VonBrunk and his gorgeous mosaic style lamps are made from LEGO, STUD and Technique pieces. Some people may be familiar with one of his earlier pieces from about 2 years back:

Super Mario Bros Nightlight by VonBrunk

It’s really great to see just in 2 years how much his technique has improved. All on top of such a unique crafting idea as well! While his custom lamps caught my attention, he also does custom LEGO sets and design works so I definitely recommend giving his gallery a look over. ^_^