Wonderful Wizarding Wear

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Thanks to my best friend, I now forever associate May with Harry Potter. As a result, I’ve been swooning over some incredibly well made jewelry this past week and I just have to share it. 😀

Bellatrix Skull Necklace by Leveled Up Accessories

Starting out with my fav is this lovely hand sculpted necklace based off the one worn by Bellatrix LeStrange in the Harry Potter movies. It’s so wonderfully detailed and since it’s nothing overt like a wand, it can do double duty for a witch/goth/macabre character or even been worn everyday! The artist has a new etsy store but she’s definitely a talent worth watching.

Firebolt Earrings by MiniSweetX

The second artist is just as skilled with her sculpting, but has a much wider selection in her shop. MiniSweetX specializes in -as her name would suggest- small sculpy based creations. While her Firebolt earrings first brought her to my attention, it was her chocolate frog earrings that won my heart. I mean, seriously, how adorably well made are these?! 😀

All of her work is made with surgical steel/nickel free metal to help those with common jewelry allergies as well, which is always a plus. If you also love Harry Potter items, I definitely recommend giving her shop a look through as well. 🙂