Pockets Full of Needles

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Happy Sunday, all!

We are still in needle protection mode this week! This time, however, I want to take a look at some knitting implements. I am not yet a knitter – I can crochet and someday aspire to learn to knit but I have friends that are all into the knits. I’ve learned that there are not only the different sizes of needles (like the hooks in crochet) but also different types like circular needles and double ended needles (those are really just skewers, right?). Some knitting needles, depending on the material they are made from, can be crazy expensive so they need appropriate protection. When I first began looking for good examples of needle organizers, I was thinking those similar to the crochet hook cases. Something like this from Finger Pricking Good (isn’t that the best name? I love it!) in the UK:


Simple, little pockets for the needles that rolls up and ties with a ribbon. But, as I found, not all needles are created equal. Apparently most people don’t want to get poked by their double ended needles or have them fall out of the case. So most double needles require some sort of flap to stop them from doing so, as See Jane Sew demonstrates with her beautiful Tardis needle organizer:

I’m sure it’s bigger on the inside, too.

But then the quandary of how to handle circular needles (needles connected by little bits of plastic) comes into play. They may have very long connectors and need to be close to one another in the pouch. The long ones would ruin the connector, so what’s a crafter to do? Find a better organizer. I have found a couple of really neat ones for circular needles, the first of which is this cool accordion style one from Atelier de Soyun in South Korea:


It gives plenty of room to each set and prevents tangles! The other is this really innovative circular design for circular needles from Luna Stitch:


Again, plenty of space and individual attention to each set while keeping those pesky connectors from tangling. So you may be saying to yourself at this point, these are all really cute in their own way but isn’t there a more condensed version where I could take some of each type of needle with me? Why yes, there is! Many of the crafters have created multi-purpose needle cases for those that aren’t certain on what they may need. This gorgeous skull one from Knit One Bead Two is just the ticket:


Pockets, pockets everywhere! I hope you can find the right kind of pockets to suite your tastes and keep those needles safe. I’ll be back next week with something for my fellow crocheters.

Stay crafty!