Winter Crafts for Kids – Snow Edition

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Happiest of Christmases to you all, my crafty little elves!

For today’s post, I wanted to focus on the fact that many of us will be spending time with family. And sometimes that family includes children. Children can become bored very easily. So I thought I would share a number of fun and easy craft projects that are fun for children and adults alike. Since not everyone celebrates Christmas, this post will focus on SNOW! Even if you live in a place where snow isn’t prevalent, this fluffy white stuff has sort of become synonymous with winter. Snowmen, snow ice cream, snow angels…Snow can be so much fun! These crafts all feature snow (fake, not real. Real snow crafts wouldn’t hold up indoors too well).

Tea Light Snowmen from One Little Project At A Time…

These little snowmen ornaments are not only easy but they are not just your run-of-the-mill ornament. By using tea lights, your ornament helps light your tree as well.

Find the simple instructions on how to make these adorable little guys here.

Handprint Snowmen Ornaments from Simple Fun for Kids

This project will be sure to get the kids excited because it’s MESSY. I mean, come on, what kid wouldn’t want to get paint all over their hands and then touch things that they normally wouldn’t be allowed to touch? This one is simple and cheap and the instructions can be found here.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes from The Chaos and The Clutter

Not all ornaments have to go on the tree. These snowflake ornaments can be hung in windows or around the house from ceilings and in doorways to make it look like a winter wonderland inside as well as out. Sharla over at The Chaos and the Clutter lays out a beautiful and instructional blog post on making popsicle snowflakes here.

There are a ton of easy, inexpensive ways to have fun with kids. And the internet is just full of people willing to share those ideas. I also recommend checking out the sites I linked above. These bloggers are fun and informative and may just help inspire you in your next crafting adventure.

Stay snowy, Crafty Hackers! And Merry Christmas!

~Scribe Sarah~

Kids Animal Coats

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In the spirit of staying warm and enjoying Halloween, I found a clothing maker who can help your child dress up all winter long. 😀

This adorable coat (and many more like it) were designed by British best friends (Naomi and Nat) to create a clothing line they’ve called Oliver and Vince. It’s all clothing specifically for children that’s made in bright and bold colors and patterns that children are drawn to. Their coats are so popular that you can only pre-order right now for coats to arrive in Spring of 2017. If you know how to sew however, there may be hope!

They’ve just released a new pattern book that you can order right here, and make your own super cute coats and clothes for your own kids! It ships world wide and you can even chose the option to have your copy signed for no extra cost. 🙂 I was already thinking of experimenting with clothing making, and now I think I’ve found some motivation!

DIY Halloween Costumes

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Everyone’s favorite dress up holiday is coming, are you prepared? I know I’m not. So to help us both out, I gathered a few DIY costumes ideas that I’ll be sharing with you! They range in difficulty, but there a few family ideas mixed in with solo ones in case you like to do a theme with your family.

This adorable Inside Out family is just great. Some of the costumes like Sadness and Joy were fairly simple, but the other two took some creative workings. Thankfully the mastermind of the group gave nice descriptions of how they were all put together, along with turning your red wagon into a “rocket ship” to help pull the little kids along a times.

Another family idea, with one lucky parent getting the easy Pirate costume. 😉 Bombshell Bling has some great tips on how they pulled this one together. (Though they had a willing grandmother to help make some parts with sewing machine skills).

Mary Costa has this great thrift shop put together outfit for a couple of Forest Gump and Jenny. Thrift shops can me your best friend when you need to assemble a costume out of real clothes for less, or when just looking for styles that don’t exist anymore.

A super simple, but classic, couple costume can easily be done by going as Wesley and Buttercup from the Princess Bride. Say Yes used a lot of already owned pieces and cheap accessories took care of the rest.


So, your Kid wants to be a unicorn and you’re panicking. Craftaholics Anonymus is here to help calm your nerves and show you the easy way to assemble this seemingly impossible feat, with minimum sewing skills.

The final one for today comes from Sarah Hearts with possibly the easiest one one here; DIY Sriracha Sauce Bottle Outfit. You can buy the shirt for pretty cheap, and the bottle top is easily made from green poster board. Truly a last minute costume that anyone can pull off. 🙂

Big Fun in the Backyard

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A glorious day, Sunday readers! It’s summer and those lazy, weekend days are numbered! What are you going to do about it?! How about some oversized backyard game DIYs so that you can take advantage of as many as you can? Pretty much everyone has at least seen the giant sized Jenga and maybe you’ve played giant chess in the park but what about…a giant Four in a Row:

Pretty simple design AND you get to play with power tools! Woohoo!

Pretty simple design AND you get to play with power tools! Woohoo!

The tutorial, found here, seems pretty easy to follow and won’t take long if you are pretty handy with the power tools! Want something a bit simpler? How about a game of Yardzee:

Just be careful that no one is in the way of your roll!

Just be careful that no one is in the way of your roll!

If you follow the guidelines outlined here, you can even put in an order for those snazzy decals to make it all official! Ok, ok, what if you are more of the fabric or paint oriented crafter? Have I got just the thing for you (that also happens to be one of my fave games), giant sized Trouble:

It's not pop-o-matic but it will do!

It’s not pop-o-matic but it will do!

The description of the process can be found here and there are even more ideas therein for a Trouble themed party if you wanted to take it further.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go talk my parents into letting me turn their backyard into a giant sized Twister game!

Stay crafty!




A Bit of Quiet Time

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It’s a lovely Spring day out here and the sound of kids playing in the park across the street is filtering in through my windows. What a great time to be outside getting dirty and running around (especially because it wears them out), right? But  what about those times when it’s raining or you’re on a long road trip or waiting for a doctor’s appointment? I know the default nowadays is to hand them some kind of electronic device but if you want an alternative to that quiet books are just the thing! What is a quiet book? Generally it is a bound bunch of felt or cloth pages with themed learning exercises to entertain and maybe even challenge those young minds. There are plenty of great examples out there, the largest resource I’ve found for ideas is actually an entire blog devoted to the subject: The Quiet Book Blog.

The apples and the spots on the dinosaur are moveable!

The apples and the spots on the dinosaur are moveable!

I love the ones that make learning fun and interesting that may also work on fine motor skills. There are plenty of examples for quiet book pages that teach kids to use buckles, zippers, and zippers. Many of the books targeted to the younger children feature games to help them learn numbers, shapes or colors in cool ways like sorting socks!

Look at that cute little dryer, the sock devourer!

Look at that cute little dryer, the sock devourer!

Once I started searching for page ideas, I couldn’t stop and you know me, I need some geeky versions, too. I was NOT disappointed. There are plenty of amazing fandom based quiet book patterns out there!

QuietBookStarWars  QuietBookHarryPotter

The details and difficulty levels on creating these awesome books are all up to the creator. I have to give mad props to some of the sewing skills and ingenuity on some of the ones I’ve found, though. Many are like miniature cloth works of art!

All the best to help Mario get past that wiggler!

All the little details plus a slight challenge for motor skills!

I assure you that there are plenty more where these came from! Just think of all the possibilities…maybe a Hobbit based one with a Gollum fish counting page? How about a Doctor Who one wherein they have different hats/jackets/scarf/bowtie to dress up the Doctor? What a great gift these would be for that budding little geek!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through quiet books as much as I have. I think my to-do pile just grew another ten feet!

Have a great week and stay crafty!




The elusive non-candy treat

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While I don’t have any children myself, I know this topic has been brought up since I would go out during the 80s and early 90s to trick or treat. Kids get too much candy at Halloween. Sometimes that’s true, but it’s also down to the parents of said kids to make sure they eat their new stash at a reasonable pace. So while I don’t have a horse in that race, I thought I’d do today’s post on non-candy treats that parents can do for the many class parties and events that will likely happen as Halloween falls on a weekend this year. 🙂

Great for the 6 and under crowd, this is a simple and cheap treat that young kids can enjoy and play with right away! All you need are some party store eye patches, paper and glue dots.

The bane of all bare footed adults, but kids of all ages love Legos! If you have a Lego store near you, then these are still feasible to make by this weekend (bagging Legos and tying them closed doesn’t take long after all) but orange isn’t always a common color so they might have to be ordered from Lego directly.

This glow in the dark slime is another easy big batch make that young kids will love. You could even call it monster guts/blood when you package it to try an appeal to the older elementary aged kids. 😉

I thought this was a nice twist on the classic slap bracelet look for Halloween. All you need is some faux fur fabric, E6000 glue, and googly eyes! Not a gift for the very young though as those eye can be a chocking hazard.

Last but certainly not least, the glow necklace! As many summer parties have proven to me, kids love glow sticks. So what better treat then one the kids can wear and have fun with on Halloween while also helping them stay safe in the dark. ^_^ You may even be able to order them inexpensively and have them shipped to you before the weekend still. 😉


Crochet Holiday Bowling

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I love a good Halloween party, but the tricky part? Planning games. Adults just typically need alcohol and whatever you can scrounge up but kids can be a hard sell. Not everyone wants a wet face trying to get an apple and they can only pin the random item onto a picture so many times in one year before the novelty wears thin. Well, you’re in luck as I found something you crocheters can make yourself that is cute, entertaining, and can even be used as decorations when you’re not using them!

It’s a small Halloween bowling set! Each of the pins measures about 2.5″ tall and the eye bowling ball is around 4″ in diameter. I came across these during a crawl through the ravelry holiday selection and was utterly charmed by their simple design. The artist (mnsnow) also designed an entire second set in case some of these weren’t to your liking.

I’m sure the default is just to use poly-fil stuffing, but I say make it a challenge and put some weight at the bottom with poly-pellets! It will even help them stand easier when using them as decor during this fun and spooky holiday. ^_^ There is a special listing at their etsy store with patterns for both sets right here, or just click on the individual pictures to see the respective pattern listing instead.


Indoor Kid Crafting

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With spring and the changing weather upon us here on the eastern shore, I’ve been bookmarking some pretty great DIY kids crafts for the future. Since it’s pouring all day here today, I thought it was a fitting time to share them. 🙂

Smelling tasty enough to eat, I thought this was a great take on the classic play dough recipe. The flavor can be found online or at your local baking supply store, but as much as I love the smell of cotton candy..I’d personally lean towards a nice lime scent if my hands are gonna smell like it all day, lol. As a bonus, here’s a link to a gluten free recipe as well. 🙂

Okay, not even gonna lie, this drew me in just because it’s gak. It’s DIY gak. I’ve not seen gak since I was about 12. I wonder if this DIY one would smell like sun screen like the one I had did….

WHAT?! Magnetic putty??! I’d never even heard of the concept but I love it! 😀 No one tell my brother, but I may have just figured out his future birthday present. In case you’d prefer the regular kind of silly putty though, I’ve got you covered. 😉

A classic glow-in-dark project for last. Is there nothing better than something gross, slimy, and glowing when you’re a kid? I say no, but that may have just been me. I hope these projects make your next kid friendly indoor time a fun one! ^_^


A New Challenger Approaches

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One of the things I’ve loved the most about being into ‘fandoms’ for shows/movies/genres, is finding that community that you just instantly feel apart of thanks to your shared interest. Something that I see happening more and more as I go to cons now as an adult is how often younger children are being encouraged to join and express their love as well. Not to say it didn’t happen at those cons when I was 14, I’m just more aware of it now I think. So today, I wanted to celebrate the youngest generation of fans and the things their parents do to help them join in the fun. ^_^

Doctor Who Themed Mobile by lausz7


Avengers Bunny Mobile by P-isfor-Plushes

It can start before they are even born as you can see above with these adorable mobiles. My husband and I have agreed on a video game themed nursery personally, but I will definitely take a note from these artists and make a mobile. Speaking of babies, a crafter named Darling Army actually specializes in making baby bibs (among other clothing pieces) from a wide rage of fandoms, and I highly recommend checking out at her store.

Oh my ovaries. Toddler cosplay. There is nothing better.

By the time they are 2-4, kids begin to express what they are interested in and what they want to dress up as and I love seeing parents that go the extra mile to help. A+ job parenting for all these children. Children are just (if not more!) passionate about what they love, and adorable to boot. I could just go on and on covering kids and their crafty parents, but I’ll just point you towards these resources instead, should you be interested in learning more.