Ringing in the New Year

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Happy Sunday and happy New Year’s Eve, all!

Holy cow, this year went fast! I can’t say that it has all been bad or especially good but I can say that I have definitely learned some new crafty skills and even enhanced some of the old ones. I also find it a little mind boggling that all of the bloggers here have still been churning out new and interesting topics consistently through another whole year. Go us!

To celebrate the end of this and the beginning of a new year, there are some traditions that I love to keep and I thought I would share them with you in case you needed some last minute inspiration for your own NYE par-tay.

1. Wear silly hats. Ever since I can remember, my Mom either helped us find or make hats for new year’s. If you like to keep it simple (which we often did), here is an easy little tutorial from Skip to My Lou for a basic newspaper hat:

This can always be enhanced with glitter glue and feathers, rest assured.

As I grew older, though, I didn’t mind taking a little more time to create “fancier” hats. So, likewise, here is a tutorial (and some templates) from Happy Thought UK for some festive mini top hats:

These could also be slightly enhanced for a more steampunk themed occasion.

2. Make a festive mess. We usually found those little plastic popper bottles that were filled with confetti strings and Mom would boot us outside before we popped them. But sometimes they were duds and that made for some disappointment. So why not make sure they aren’t by making your own? If you just want to make a big poof of confetti and streamers, this great tutorial from Ehow is just the thing:

These can also be filled with confetti made from used wrapping paper if you want to keep it green.

Or if you want to add in a little more fun and class, you can use this amazing infographic from Wonder How To and make some paper hat/small prize/confetti containing crackers:

Yes, the “cracker” inserts can easily be found on Amazon and other sites.

3. The final thing we do (besides supply massive amounts of food and drink, of course) is make a lot of noise to ring in the New Year! So how about a few different types of noise makers from Kid Friendly Things to Do, Jman and Miller Bug, and I Heart Naptime:


I can honestly imagine turning these into more geeky versions by introducing a theme…like Harry Potter house colors. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, be safe and have fun! We’ll see you in 2018, fellow Hackers!

Stay crafty!


Custom Felt Witch Hats

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I know it’s not the ~typical~ season for it, but too bad cause these things look awesome!

This is just one example of a custom designed felted witch hat made by etsy shop owner HandiCraftKate. You can customize each of the main 3 parts (brim, colors, and end curl direction) to suit your needs. Wanna be a rainbow witch? Done. How about a frosty Ice Witch? Done. Or perhaps you’re less witch and more Pixie or Druid? She even makes custom woodland inspired things like these lovely fox and deer hoods.

All her hats are handblocked from 100% wool, and will keep you warm and looking cool come this fall. Her items are on the higher scale ($200+) for cost, but you’re getting a wonderful and unique piece that will certainly last. I highly recommend giving her shop a look through.

Kitty Ear Hats

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Happy Wednesday! This is Kim with Fantastical Menagerie. Apparently winter is still going strong across most of the US. If you need something warm to cover your head, may I recommend something cute yet functional? Ella of Blackie Cat Creations has been knitting proudly since 2003. While she learned the basics as a child, she picked it back up after an ankle injury in 2003. She was on bedrest, bored, and needed something to entertain herself. She also discovered that knitting needles fit really well down a cast to scratch. Based just outside of Chicago, Illinois, Ella sells online and in person at many geek themed events. Ella does Geek themed knitted hats, and kitty ear hats.

You can find her on Facebook and on Etsy here. If you want to catch her in person, her event schedule is on her Facebook Page.


A Tip of the Hat

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We’ve had a lovely few days here in the Midwest and everyone seems to be out and about. The perfect time to show off…a new hat! I’ve come across Wendy Allen and her felted creations at a few conventions now. They never fail to pull me in. A dragon is what caught my attention the first time:

Imagine, wearing your very own Smaug!

Imagine, wearing your very own Smaug! (Yes, I realize this is not a hat)

She started out selling “normal” pieces through her site, Miss Fitt and Co but then decided to indulge her fanciful side and Moss Fete was born. Wendy makes a variety of wearables but the hats are the decided stars. Whether you want to augment your cosplay or just show off on your walk around the park on a Sunday, she’s got something for you!

MossFeteWitchHat  MossFeteSnailHat

Perhaps something for the dapper gentleman on your arm (or yourself)? I love the detail and texture!

MossFeteRamTopHat  MossFeteHareTopHat

I would proudly wear any of these on a regular basis. If you, too, would like to own a piece of the magic, Wendy and Moss Fete can be found on her website, Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram.

Now back to basking in the sun while it lasts!

Stay crafty!


Knights Helmet

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So the other day, my mother-in-law posted another post on things to do for children. It was a great and creative article called “42 Ingenious and Clever Tricks That Make Every Day Parenting So Much Fun.” Now I don’t have kids, but someday I hope too. I decided to look at the article for giggles. I was so blown away by number 5. It was the cutest hat for a child crouched into the shape of a knights helmet with a working face plate. I wanted to know where I could see more products that were made by the artist, but all the article had a link to was Etsy. So I started looking around on Etsy for Knight’s Helmets when I came across CupCake Cuties.

Crochet Knight in Shining Armor hat front panel and mohawk, child size  to Lg. Adult sizes, many colors


This Etsy shop not only makes the Knight’s Helmets, but also has great game and movie themed hats as well. Such as Creeper and Minions! If you are looking for a cute way to show off your love of games or movies, check out this awesome site!

Crochet Hat Minion Inspired hat, newborn to Adult sizing, Made to Order



Sunday Wrap-Up

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So I am going to take a page out of the Sprite Stitch Site and do a Sunday Wrap-Up!  I may not do it every Sunday, but I wanted to do it today.  Here are a couple cool chain mail projects that have been posted in our forums for you to enjoy.  Want to see your project on our blog?  Make sure you post in the forums!


And don’t forget that we have a contest going on right now for May and June where you can win your own customizable t-shirt!


Keep Your Head Covered!

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Hats man. Like’em or hate’em, a good hat can not only look stylish, but keep your noggin warm. ^_^ I have a personal favorite that I will likely cry when it falls apart. Poor thing is 10 years old now. Thankfully, there are other skilled crafters online like PurgatorianHeir that can decode the mystery of sewing patterns!

Lucario Hat by PurgatorianHeir

They caught my eye with their top notch pokemon hat adaptations, but they have an entire gallery of lovely creations that I highly recommend giving a look through. *eyes old Genki Gang Hat* They take custom commissions too, so if you have something that’s hard or impossible to find as a hat I would definitely send them a message.

Custom Hat Design by PurgatorianHeir