Mark Your Stitches

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Happy Sunday, all!

This week we are continuing our journey through useful but fun tools in the crafty world by offering up some examples of stitch markers! Stitch markers are generally used by those that knit or crochet to keep track of rows or stitches/types of stitches on larger projects. The idea is to insert a stitch marker where you need to remember to take that action (new row, switch stitches, etc.) or keep track of where you are. The first ones I found from Yarnistry Shop are very practical and help as visual aides for when you need to keep track of numbers of rows/stitches:

They are very reasonably priced and look quite durable.

I like how colorful they also are so that they are easy to spot! The second ones I found go right back to one of my favorite shops, which I have mentioned before, A Needle Runs Through It:

These can go along with the sheep needle minders!

They also have a line of NSFW stitch markers that you can view here. They are so amazing for the sweary crafter in all of us! The third stop should appeal to all those out there that appreciate a little bit of cute fake food. These sweet markers from Chapel View Crafts really take the cake:

I would not recommend using them if you are hungry.

My final offering should not be a surprise as I always love a bit of geekery. So these Harry Potter themed stitch markers from Mandas Knotty Crochet should help put some magic in all of your yarn projects:

Accio stich markers!

Hope you find something fun to help you keep count in any case. Next week we will explore some cool needle cases!

Stay crafty!


You’ve Got it Pegged

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Well, Sunday readers, it’s happened! The dreaded rainy summer day has come! What should we do??? What a silly question…we’re going to craft of course! Today I thought I’d bring up another fun crafting idea that I’ve been playing around with for a while: peg people. If you happen to remember the little plastic peg people you played with as a child, I assure you that times have not changed THAT much. They definitely still exist and are excellent for hours of fun with your young ones. But let’s face it, they don’t necessarily come in the fandoms we love, so why not make some that do? I’ve rounded up some neat tutorials that will get you started (beware, this can be addicting).

First off is a very detailed and helpful tutorial that takes you through the steps of making some well loved princesses in peg form:

Super cute! But I think I'd include a certain firey haired Scottish princess, too.

Super cute! But I think I’d include a certain firey haired Scottish princess, too.

Secondly, something for the space adventurer! The thing that really caught my eye about this one was the use of other shapes to create the different characters, like that Han caught in carbonite:

And the cute Jabba egg!

And the adorable Jabba egg!

Third on the list is actually the form I was originally considering making for a gift. Something for the older child or even an adult, a chess set! This particular one stars a certain boy wizard and his allies versus Death Eaters and their minions and includes steps for making a carry case as well:

You can always switch that snake to a lion, if you prefer.

You can always switch that snake to a lion, if you prefer.

Finally, if you don’t want to bother doing so yourself or if you are short on time, rest assured that there are a few shops on Etsy that do provide custom painted peg people. I’m particularly fond of this Lord of the Rings set from MakingsFromMommyland:

This must be from Two Towers since Boromir is missing, though.

This must be from Two Towers since Boromir is missing, though.

Well, the rain is still lashing at my windows so I guess it’s time to start crafting. Hopefully I can peg down exactly which fandom to start with.

Stay crafty!


Wonderful Wizarding Wear

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Thanks to my best friend, I now forever associate May with Harry Potter. As a result, I’ve been swooning over some incredibly well made jewelry this past week and I just have to share it. 😀

Bellatrix Skull Necklace by Leveled Up Accessories

Starting out with my fav is this lovely hand sculpted necklace based off the one worn by Bellatrix LeStrange in the Harry Potter movies. It’s so wonderfully detailed and since it’s nothing overt like a wand, it can do double duty for a witch/goth/macabre character or even been worn everyday! The artist has a new etsy store but she’s definitely a talent worth watching.

Firebolt Earrings by MiniSweetX

The second artist is just as skilled with her sculpting, but has a much wider selection in her shop. MiniSweetX specializes in -as her name would suggest- small sculpy based creations. While her Firebolt earrings first brought her to my attention, it was her chocolate frog earrings that won my heart. I mean, seriously, how adorably well made are these?! 😀

All of her work is made with surgical steel/nickel free metal to help those with common jewelry allergies as well, which is always a plus. If you also love Harry Potter items, I definitely recommend giving her shop a look through as well. 🙂