Illuminated Couture

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So in my search to find a good shade providing umbrella, I’ve stumbled upon this wonderful Etsy store called Illuminated Couture. They specialize in light up clothing and accessories, including this awesome tie-dyed umbrella.

Vegas artist, Ronnie Brust, has been pushing is costuming limits for over a decade and LEDs have become his latest passion with them. His glowing products allow you to stand out however you chose; be it with a subtle pocket square or an elaborate headpiece. All of his work is well made an guaranteed to show the world just how much you glow. 🙂

Glow in the Dark Wood Table DIY

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For those that don’t mind adding some fun into their adult homes & lives, this table is such a cool piece! Designed by mikeasaurus over at instructables, he’s put together a great step by step guide on how to make your own glow in the dark table. Just a heads up, basic knowledge on wood working and furniture building is required. Aside from the tools the materials list is really quite small:

Quick and simple of it is that the wood naturally has these holes due to a fungus that grew inside of it. You clean them out and then assemble the boards into your desired width/length table top. Before you finish it though, you’ll mix the glow powder and resin; pouring it into the cleaned out sections. (You’ll need to frame the table for this part obviously to make sure the resin doesn’t flow over the boards onto your floors). Once it’s set you simply clean up the resin and finish the table like normal. 🙂

Glowing Fantasy Jewelry

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I found this artist thorugh tumblr, which doesn’t happen often but when it does, man oh man, I’m never happier to have an account there.

Dragon Fly Glass Pendent

This beautiful pendent is the work of Canadian artist Manon Richard of Papillon Jewelry. Though they make a few other designs, the majority of the stock is jewelry and it is just wonderfully elegant. I don’t know how this artist makes their colors, but I volunteer as tribute next cause my goodness they are ASTOUNDING. 😀 Their designs also tick all the fantasy/nature design aesthetics that I love, including a few fanart/recreation pieces such as Arwen’s necklace:

They also makes some pendents from hand blown glass, which is no surprise when you can create custom glow colors like this one. I know I’m always saying I don’t wear jewelry but if their chain won’t get caught in my hair….yeah, I may have finally found something to finally wear as a necklace again. ^_^