Glass Acorns

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October/November has always seemed more like fall then September ever will in my part of the world, so today I wanna feature an artist that takes a bit of what we associate with fall and turning it into wearable art.

Ukraine artist Nikita Drachuk makes his art from real acorn caps and hand blown glass, and his work is just stunning. The medium he works in is called “Lampwork” and is the art of making figurines melted in the flame of a glass burner; which can reach up to 1800 degrees.

I would never get my hands so close to such a very very hot flame. :O


If acorns aren’t your cup of tea, they have an incredibly diverse range of subjects and sizes for their figures that you can admire, at their etsy shop Glass Symphony, instead. Their attention to detail and level of craftsmanship is really quite astounding.

Glass Water Sculptures

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I have a thing for glass and water. Something about the medium just captures the feel and emotion of water so well, especially when done by an artist with lots of practice. Ben Young of New Zealand is one of those artists.


All of his work revolves around water in some form, and he uses the glass in combination with concrete and cast bronze to create just beautiful sculptures of nature, as well as moments in time.


When designing his work, he even takes lighting into effect while he’s working on his final design. Thinking about how he wants the piece displayed or formed to catch just the right image once translated form his 2D sketch into a 3D piece. If you’re a fan of water pieces I highly recommend giving his gallery a look through. While he has no pieces for sale right now that doesn’t stop his work from looking absolutely beautiful. And who knows, maybe it will inspire one last summer piece for you to tackle. 😉

Glass for the Discerning Geek

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Happy Sunday, all! This weekend Toni and I are having a blast at Wizard World Philadelphia. I love meeting new people and hanging out with our con family. I originally got to meet the lovely Alexa Heart in St. Louis and was very pleased to find out that she would be with us again here in Philly!

AlexaCheetarah  AlexaCloseup

In addition to her stellar cosplay, she is also a purveyor of fine etched glassware. Besides a very wide array of pint glasses with pretty much any fandom you can think of, she etches or sand blasts images onto wine stems, bottles, and even tea cups. Aren’t these just awesome?!

EverydayGTardis  EverydayGHeartsBottle  EverydayGStarTrek

If you would like to peruse her other fine items, you can contact Alexa through the Everyday Geek page or check out her cosplay on Heart and Soul cosplay.

Stay crafty!


This is Super Glassy

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As you’ve probably noticed, we’re at C2E2 this weekend and I had a little bit of time to wander around the vendor hall. I stumbled across a sign I couldn’t resist because it advertised CUTE GLASS! I was in for a real treat, too. The two artists at Bling Squared make adorable little animal sculptures in glass.

Look at the little cutie I purchased!

Look at the little cutie I purchased! His name is Louis.

They have quite a few different critters as pendants, earrings, and straight up little sculptures to display around your home.

BlingSqGreenOcto  BlingSqPugEarrings  BlingSqFoxSculptures

I think the best part was the looping video that they had playing showing just how they create their pieces! They do demos in and around their home base of Salt Spring Island, BC.

I'd love to watch them play with fire!

I’d love to watch them play with fire!

If you want a piece of some really cute glass, Bling Squared can be found on their website, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

See you next Sunday with some egg-cellent last minute Easter ideas!



Stained Glass Coaster DIY

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Another DIY today, but looking back at the last few days of summer with this one from Sincerely, Kinsey.

It’s a pretty simple project, only requiring some cork coasters, mod podge, an exacto knife, stained glass and paint. What came to mind for me though was using some of those found pieces of beach glass. The cork already has that beach/sand color to it and using glass that’s been worn down smooth by the power of the ocean seems like a great fit. You could also just used colored plastic pieces for a more Art Deco design. Since you’ll be cutting through the coaster in order to make holes for the glass make sure to by double the amount of cork coasters that you’ll want to have in the end. The modge podge will of course continue to be the crafter’s all purpose wonder glue for this project.

With some creativity and time these could make for some great unsung decorative yet functional pieces for your home. 🙂


Glowing Fantasy Jewelry

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I found this artist thorugh tumblr, which doesn’t happen often but when it does, man oh man, I’m never happier to have an account there.

Dragon Fly Glass Pendent

This beautiful pendent is the work of Canadian artist Manon Richard of Papillon Jewelry. Though they make a few other designs, the majority of the stock is jewelry and it is just wonderfully elegant. I don’t know how this artist makes their colors, but I volunteer as tribute next cause my goodness they are ASTOUNDING. 😀 Their designs also tick all the fantasy/nature design aesthetics that I love, including a few fanart/recreation pieces such as Arwen’s necklace:

They also makes some pendents from hand blown glass, which is no surprise when you can create custom glow colors like this one. I know I’m always saying I don’t wear jewelry but if their chain won’t get caught in my hair….yeah, I may have finally found something to finally wear as a necklace again. ^_^


Light Up Your House

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I had this favorite chain restaurant I used to go to frequently that used stained glass lamps for all their booths. Most modern ones have moved away with their industrial style or minimalistic lamp shades, but there’s a certain charm and elegance with stained glass as well. So if you’re like me and enjoy that kind of style, well……you may want to give a stroll thru Midian Craft Works designs.

This life sized Storm Trooper Helmet lamp is what first drew me to her collection, and is by far her most ambitious piece with over 500 pieces of glass! I don’t know why anyone would want to wear it, but apparently it can be done. XD Her store features lamps of all shapes and sizes from a wide range of fandoms. I’m incredibly biased though and adore her simple rupee lamp. 😀

Of course she also has some standard sun catcher style pieces that are equally as beautiful…but a little kinder on your budget. She seems to be remaking more stock for her store so I recommend checking her gallery out over on deviantart to see some of the lovely pieces of art that could light you life up. 😉


Red Moon Glassworks

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Glasswork is one of those crafts I have always wanted to try.  I see all of the glass etching materials every day at Michaels and I think of all I can do with it.  Then I come back to reality and realize I just don’t have time for another craft.  So every time I see glasswork I will admire and dream of doing it.  Red Moon Glassworks specializes in custom-etched glassware that is sand blasted and dishwasher safe.  They etch tumblers, highball glasses, steins, shot glasses, and wine glasses.  I have seen first hand the quality of their glassware and it is fantastic. For example, take a look at this artistry:


They also take custom orders.  They have done wedding gifts, convention gifts, and are able to do almost anything you can imagine on a glass.  Their work is imaginative and fantastic.  Check out their etsy store at or take a look at their convention schedule (listed on their etsy shop) to see their work in person.




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Stained Glass is an art that has been around for at least a thousand years.  Some of the most beautiful stained glass that I have seen adorns churches.  SenatorMars creates beautiful stained glass, but with a more modern touch.  I saw his Master Chief stained glass when it circled the internet a few months ago.

That isn’t his only impressive piece though.  When I look through his Deviant Art gallery I am just blown away with the craftsmanship that he puts into each and every piece.  There isn’t a single piece that doesn’t make me want it.  For example:


Isn’t it just amazing?  If you would like to see more of his work, check out his Deviant Art or his Facebook.