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As you probably know by now, I’m a bit of a wood lover. I appreciate and love just about any woodworking, but carving has always been the kind of woodwork that fascinates me most. There is something amazing about using the grain of the wood to create something that is completely different from the tree it used to be that I love. When its done well, it is just breathtaking.

I loved astronomy as a child. Space and all its glory has always fascinated me, with its endless possibilities and complete alienness to what we know. Sometimes I feel that artists fail to capture the beauty of space. Or more accurately, the beauty of objects that move through space. It is difficult, naturally, with our Earth gravity, to adequately recreate how ships will move through the vacuum of space, but it is something that has always fascinated me.

Barry Shields Creations has somehow managed to combine both and produced some absolutely gorgeous work that is geeky, functional, and yet still beautiful. For the ultimate in spaceship chic, Barry Shields hand carved coffee tables based on Star Wars and Star Trek ships. The workmanship is beautiful, and the designs are just perfect.Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 16.51.41I love how the X-Wing looks like its rising above the fogs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 16.50.31These coffee tables are all hand carved over the space of months. The patience and love that must go into these are just breathtaking.

I also love that for each one he talks about how he created each piece. I find artist works a lot more amazing when I can see just how much work has actually gone into them. I also love that you could very easily incorporate these pieces into a modern house or office space without it being “too” obviously nerdy/geeky.

Each of these are for sale on Barry’s website, but these do look like one of a kind models. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Until next time, fly on.

~ eliste

Turbo Toaster

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Kat is a cartoonist I met at Con Bravo, but I didn’t meet her because of her cartooning.  I met her because of her wood chests with carvings in them.  Take a look at these chests and you will see why I stopped by her table:



The attention to detail blows me away with what she is able to do with painting and woodcarving.  If you like these boxes, take a look at her etsy shop over here.  Or if you would like to see some of her comic work, you can see her site at www.turbotoaster.carbonmade.com.


Oh My Geekness

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I have said quite a few times I am a sucker for handmade jewelry.  I absolutely love the craftsmanship that goes into every piece.  So when I saw Oh My Geekness at Con Bravo the quality and uniqueness of the jewelry stood out to me.  Jess Firsoff sells her jewelry pieces on line as well as conventions in Ontario.  She has been featured on many sites including Kotaku.

Take a look at some of her different and unique jewelry.



The hoverboard is a replica of the one from Back to the Future!  Not only does she make high quality, interesting jewelry, but she also creates pieces from all areas of video game, comic book, and pop culture.

Check out her etsy store here, and her facebook here.


Geeky Miscellany

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Perusing around Etsy for some fun geeky things, I stumbled across the wonderful shop of Neurons Not Included. It’s full of all sorts of fun geekery from across the board, anything from pop culture references to the human anatomy. They have an assortment of mugs, jewelry, ornaments, and magnets. It was their aluminum cuff bracelets that caught my eye.

This one specifically:

I’m a bit of a camera and photography nerd, so anything camera related makes me excited that I can wear my camera nerdiness without actually wearing a camera :-p

There is an assortment of geeky cuffs, like a chain of pixel hearts, a quote from Nikola Tesla and words spelled with elements from the periodic table.

Check out this fun hair clip:

There are others that look like zippers and neurons as well.

Then they have magnets, the following is a personal fave:

I'm a lumberjack- geeky funny magnet- 2 inch x 3 inch

I sing this song all the time, I had a good giggle over the fact that they made it into a magnet. As with their cuffs and hairclips there is an assortment of magnets, which are all very fun and nerdy.

The items are all made by Cindy and Randy Green in their spare bedroom turned studio. They print off all their designs and assemble all their pieces in house. Neurons not Included has quite the assortment of geeky items that one could use to show off their geekyness is fun ways. Check them out at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NeuronsNotIncluded


Reinvention of the 1950’s apron

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Ok so I absolutely love to bake, which usually results in flour, powdered sugar, or whatever I might be working on splattered on the front of me. Right now I have one apron with a screen print of the Tardis on it, but it is more a standard apron. Now I have patterns for more traditional vintage style aprons but I was wondering if anybody out there made any geeky style aprons. Because if I’m gonna bake I want to do it while wearing something fun and inspiring. Well a quick etsy search later and I found DarkBalloons, she makes FANTASTIC vintage style aprons with a geeky flair. Just checking out her shop you’ll see some fun representations of your favorite pop culture and video came characters. These aprons are so adorable and elegant that it almost seems a shame to get them dirty, but hey that’s what an apron is for :-p

This is the apron I would LOVE to have as Princess Daisy is my fave Mario character:

Princess Daisy Apron

And how adorable is this Zelda apron:

Toon Zelda Apron

There are soo many more that I could post, just go check her out: https://www.etsy.com/shop/darkballoons These aprons are perfect for the geeky baker or chef, who wants an apron that is out of the ordinary and represents their geeky nature.


Soft, squishy and all kinds of adorable!

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Let me start this off with the fact that I may have an addiction to adorable plushy pillows. Whenever I go to a convention I tend to come home with some new and adorable pillow for our already over pillowed couch. I can’t help it, I just love the huggable, squishy-ness that is fun pillows. It is my hope that when my husband and I move to a new home that I can get neutral colored couches that I will collect adorable and unique throw pillows for. Some of these pillows will likely come from MyMimi on etsy. She makes pillows so adorable its almost painful :-p She has a history of being a toy designer and the pillows she designs in her studio definitely reflect that. Her designs have such wonderful personality and I hope to one day acquire a few for my home. Check her out on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/mymimi

Here are some of my faves (all images are from her etsy shop):

16 x 16" Pillow, Computer Pillow, Vintage, Retro, 8bit Heart, I Love You, Nerdy Pillow, Toy Pillow, Throw Pillow, Kawaii, Office Dorm Decor

Decorative Pillow, Geeky Pillow, Polaroid Camera, Retro Polaroid Camera, SX70, Old School, Office Decor, 16 x 16"

12 x 12" Cupcake Pillow, Stuffed Toy, Kids Room Decor, Children's Pillow, Kids Throw Pillow, Food Pillow, Kawaii Pillow

She has an assortment of geeky designs, food designs, and creatively fun whimsical designs. Her pillows are a perfect way to add some fun, adorable flair to one’s home.