Retro Video Game Shadow Boxes

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My husband and I have started a collection of the games we grew up on (NES and SNES mostly), but this person blows our simple little plastic cases out of the water.

Designed and made by Glitch Artwork, these shadow boxes give a bit of art and style to your gaming collection. They layouts are well thought out and visually appealing; so much so that the gaming cart isn’t the first thing to grab you. Quite a feat when it takes up about 1/4 of the space.

If you’ve got your own collection, or maybe a few favorite games you’d like to keep, I’d recommend giving their shop a look. The frames range from $35-75 and are definitely a way to class up your home, while still showing your gaming love. 🙂

October Cosplay – Gaming

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Finishing out the cosplay this year is the gaming collection. Video Games were my first passion so I decided to save them for last. ^_^ As always, the name/game the character is from will be below the picture with the image linking back to the original post in case you want more info. Maybe to help along your own last minute prep? Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween and may all your costumes be fantastic! 😀


Faith from Mirror’s Edge


Sera from Dragon’s Age