Jumanji Board Replica

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With the new reboot/remake of Jumanji coming soon, this felt like a timely addition to the site. I’m nervous how this new one will turn out giving how much I enjoyed the original. It was probably one of my favorite movies as a kid.

Youtuber Steve Richter has done what many of us in the 90s only wished we could; build his own replica of the game completely from scratch. Sadly he seems to have skipped the steps that enchated  it into a magical world altering game, but hey, it’s certainly better then the crappy standard boardgame they released after the movie came out. I’ve included the 15min time lapse version of it for you all the pine over with me. 😉


Crochet Holiday Bowling

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I love a good Halloween party, but the tricky part? Planning games. Adults just typically need alcohol and whatever you can scrounge up but kids can be a hard sell. Not everyone wants a wet face trying to get an apple and they can only pin the random item onto a picture so many times in one year before the novelty wears thin. Well, you’re in luck as I found something you crocheters can make yourself that is cute, entertaining, and can even be used as decorations when you’re not using them!

It’s a small Halloween bowling set! Each of the pins measures about 2.5″ tall and the eye bowling ball is around 4″ in diameter. I came across these during a crawl through the ravelry holiday selection and was utterly charmed by their simple design. The artist (mnsnow) also designed an entire second set in case some of these weren’t to your liking.

I’m sure the default is just to use poly-fil stuffing, but I say make it a challenge and put some weight at the bottom with poly-pellets! It will even help them stand easier when using them as decor during this fun and spooky holiday. ^_^ There is a special listing at their etsy store with patterns for both sets right here, or just click on the individual pictures to see the respective pattern listing instead.