Soap for the clean nerd

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In another one of my wandering on Etsy, I came across this excellent store. You know those fun shaped decorative soaps that people sometimes put in their bathrooms? The ones that look too pretty to use? Yeah I just found the nerdy equivalent. Check out Chrystal Doucette’s shop Digital Soaps on Etsy ( These soaps are amazing and leave me wondering just how she makes or finds the molds to make the soaps.

Dragonball soaps

These are made as surprise inside pokeball soaps 🙂

SOAP Pokeball With Toy Inside, Surprise Gashapon

Then there are her game cartridge soaps

SOAP Gameboy cartridge parody with case, energy citrus scented, Kirby's Dreamland title

There are so many more where those came from and they’re all as equally fun. Chrystal comes up with some really fun soaps and helpfully lists the ingredients in her soap. This is nice for those who may have sensitivities. Perhaps I’ll add some of these adorable soaps to my powder room so guests can see my nerdiness.