Tiny Animal Figurines

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We all know at this point that I have a weakness for the cute and adorable. So today’s post will come as no surprise.

Made entirely by hand, Baiba Gabranova has quite the skill at not only molding adorable cute animals, but painting intricate detail as well. While they may look like glass, that’s simply the shiny coat she applies afterwards.

Based in Latvia, she make each of her figurines from sculpy clay by hand (with a few resin cast exceptions) and then lovingly paints beautiful details and sometimes textures onto each one. The colors and detail she brings to each piece is nothing short of wonderful. If you’re on the look out for some cute figurines I highly recommend her work.

AG Styles

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I am a sucker for clay/sculpted items.  I seem to be obsessed with hand made sculpted earrings that I can wear and try to always purchase some from every convention I attend.  AG Styles takes sculpture to a whole new level though.  Her polymer clay Yoshi stylus was the piece that caught my eye and sent me to her Deviant Art page at http://altaiira.deviantart.com/

But then I started looking through her Deviant Art and visited her Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/agstyles and was just blown away from her talent!  Take a look at some of these pieces.



The totoro is amazing!!  I may have to buy something to wear to my next convention.  Check out her sites to see more!


An Alternative Statue

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Much like crochet/knit plush have taken off in recent years, the art of making figurines out of paper has been gaining traction as well. This is called, appropriately, Papercraft, and it has a WIDE range of options depending on your skill level. Most casual hobbiest have no doubt given it a try thanks to the vast amount of communities and artists out there who spend hours developing the patterns from the in game character models, and then share them online. Much like everyone else does when approaching a new project, I jumped feet first into an advanced design (go big or go home, right? ;P) by making Wolf Link from Twilight Princess. It was certainly a learning process as it’s not a simple design, and I definitely needed a walkthru to tell me what to do.

Mine of course was not quite this pretty, (I had trouble with those tiny earrings…) but the end result is beautiful. One of the most well circulated ones from a few years back was a life sized Link (Also from Twilight Princess) that was made from hundreds of sheets of card stock paper. A feet not often matched with this art form, but certainly one worth applauding! If you enjoy making figures but sewing or crocheting are just not something you want to try, I really recommend giving this hobby a look. The patterns vary greatly by difficulty, and the communities are helpful to those who wish to get into the hobby. 🙂

X-Wing (Star Wars) from the PaperCraft Museum