Pokemon meets High Fantasy

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Coming up with a title today was a bit challenging since by virtue of it being a fictional world Pokemon is already Fantasy, but the art today has a bit more of a classical fantasy take on it.

A casual gamer herself, Jae of From Jae take her love of fantasy and makes quite lovely traditional and sculpture art with it. Besides her Pokemon inspired pieces, some of my favorite ones are her her-animals.

Her line work and attention to detail is really quite magnificent. I especially love her color selection in this Mer-Cat piece. All her sculpture pieces are unfortunately sold out at the moment, but you can find her shop here should you wish to check out future designs or even join her update list so you’ll be alerted when they go up.

Fantasy Headbands and Crowns

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Have a desire to unleash your inner fantasy side? Secretly wish you’d been adapted by Elvin Royalty? Well I can’t help you make those dreams come true, but I can point you in the direction to help you look like one.

A Mon Seul Desir is a French based company that makes custom fantasy jewelry for all occasions. Seen above is their Elven Wedding Crown, but they also have works from more modern fantasies, like Game of Thrones, and even cartoons such as My Neighbor Totoro.

Their work is elegant and beautifully designed and I highly recommend giving them a look if you’re in the market for some truly unique and professional fantasy costume jewelry. 🙂

Glowing Fantasy Jewelry

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I found this artist thorugh tumblr, which doesn’t happen often but when it does, man oh man, I’m never happier to have an account there.

Dragon Fly Glass Pendent

This beautiful pendent is the work of Canadian artist Manon Richard of Papillon Jewelry. Though they make a few other designs, the majority of the stock is jewelry and it is just wonderfully elegant. I don’t know how this artist makes their colors, but I volunteer as tribute next cause my goodness they are ASTOUNDING. 😀 Their designs also tick all the fantasy/nature design aesthetics that I love, including a few fanart/recreation pieces such as Arwen’s necklace:

They also makes some pendents from hand blown glass, which is no surprise when you can create custom glow colors like this one. I know I’m always saying I don’t wear jewelry but if their chain won’t get caught in my hair….yeah, I may have finally found something to finally wear as a necklace again. ^_^


Stylized Novelization

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While customized journals are all well and good for everyday use, there is something to be said for the highly stylized types of books as well. Most of the time inspiration for these types of book covers come from movies or TV shows where they need a their main prop item to stand out in the viewers mind and by easily recognizable. Well they’ve done their job too well it seems as some books (such as River Song’s journal and the Necronomicon) are so recognizable and iconic that fans have been making their own reproductions for years as cosplay props, or even highly decorative journals.

Today I want to showcase an artist that has taken the idea of a highly stylized book cover and really run with it. That person is Canadian artist MillieCuirs.

Ancient Serpent’s Tomeby MillieCuirs

Slenderman Journal by MillieCuirs

While his pieces all start with the basic book binding techniques, he has an incredible talent for making some of the most highly detailed and expressive covers I’ve seen to date.

Blue Book of Hyrule by Milliecuirs

The majority of his work seems to fandom related, but even those have a very unique take on the subject with embossing and bevel work that reflects the source material in a way the compliments the world instead of copies it. He has a facebook and pintrest accounts outside of his deviantart gallery if you’d like to see what else he’ll come up with.