Custom Fantasy Wedding Gowns

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It’s wedding season again, and this year I’ve got a really kick-ass designer to share with anyway of you getting married! Well…married next year though cause these beauties take time to make.

This stunning gown is just one of many design by Firefly Path Bridal. They’ve been making custom fantasy based wedding gowns and accessories for over 10 years and it shows. Every dress is custom made to fit the bride from the ground up and can be made to match just about any fantasy theme. Fairytale wedding? Boom! Beauty and the Beast dress.

Anime themed wedding? No problem! Check out this Tsubasa Chronicles inspired dress.

And then of course the one that drew me to this fabulous collection; Legend of Zelda based gown:

This is just barely scratching the surface of the collection of gowns Firefly Bridal has created. I wish I’d known about them 4-5 years ago cause hot damn, I would’ve been all over this for my own gown! If you’re interested in getting a design idea/quote you can reach them here. No location is too far either as they have no physical shop so all orders are done online and through the post. If you do live where their workshop is in LA, you can rent some of their gowns for photo shoots or events. 😀 If you’re just looking for some kick-ass accessories to go with your dress then you may find what you need over on their etsy page instead.

Whovian Gowns

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A skill I’d like to learn to develop more (okay, let’s be honest one of MANY skills) is how to sew. I have a sister who works in the fashion industry and is more than willing to help me out from time to time, but there really is something to be said for being able to make your outfits. Especially when you get results like this:

TARDIS Wedding Gown

This is a custom Wedding Gown by DA artist Stahlrose and it’s just gorgeous. My husband and I went very traditional with our wedding, which is why I love to see the creativity that people will pour into their fandom themed weddings. The layering of the ruffles gives the piece some great movement, and I just adore how they used star fabric to incorporate the time/space travel element. ^_^

Human Dalek

Giusynumo went for a more cosplay interpretation with their piece, but the end result has a loose enough interpretation that I feel it could still be used for a fun dance or masquerade. While the finished design seems to have more Spanish influence, I can see how having the right hairstyle would help obtain the Victorian feel this artist was going for. Either way, it’s a stunning piece that is way beyond my skill level, lol.