Dragon Sculptures

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I’m about 90% sure I’ve posted about dragon sculptures before, but I’m not even gonna apologize. Dragons are great and these guys are just freaking adorable! 😀

Designed and made by Moscow artist Kosse Handmade on Etsy from mostly just sculpy and paint. These dragon have such a gentle and unique design to them. The eyes in particular are what drew me in. They’re very large and not typically a style used with dragon designs since they reflect mammal/insect eyes more then the standard reptilian that’s seen. Look at those leaves for wings too! Really inspired and adorable.

Kosse has been making these dragons for several years now, but only recently started selling them on Etsy. Her work seems to have gained quite the demand though as her shop is almost constantly out of ready made pieces. She can of course be contact to make custom pieces, but if you just want to see more examples of her work I’ll point you to this nice image posting a kind tumblr blogger made. It’s worth a look just to see the glow in the dark ones alone. 😀

Beaded Dragon Brooches

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Okay, I know we’ve all dabbled in beads for bracelets and necklaces at one point. Maybe you used seed beads and a stand to weave one just made some nice jewelry, but these? These dragons are something else entirely.

This is one of many custom designs by Russian artist Alyona Lytvin, and they are all just jaw dropping amazing. They are made mostly from beads and thread, with some wire and paint reinforcements for the fins.

I know they’re brooches too, but man I’d just want to keep it as a decoration piece! No way I’d risk something happening to this!! I love the addition of the sequins as scales for the sea dragons. Man they’re just all so beautiful!

I wish I could give you more info about the artist and the process but little it up in English about it on the store front, so I’m afraid we all just have to admire the shop and wonder. Perhaps even buy one yourself so you can study it up close. 🙂

Baby Dragon Jewelry

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Like dragons? Of course you do. Dragons are one of the oldest fantasy myths around the world and come in just about any style/design you can think of. Ever wanted jewelry that look like you own a baby dragon pet?

Okay, they may not all be babies, but I know if I ever have one I would certainly be calling it my baby dragon. These adorable handmade dragons are made by Canadian Etsy artist, Aelia Petro. Her shop, ArtbyAelia, has been around for 5 years now and she’s amassed quite an adorable dragon jewelry collection for your viewing and shopping needs. Besides the adorable ‘Dragon Drapers’ that are sort of half necklaces, she also makes traditional pendant necklaces, wrap bracelets, wrap rings, and even just adorable tiny sculptures.

If you love fantasy creatures you are missing out if you haven’t seen her work. Even if you don’t like etsy shops, you can follow her work on facebook instead. ^_^ You won’t regret it.



Scaly Plushies not to Scale

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Something I have a love hate relationship with as a crafter is the knowledge that I’m not alone in what I create. Weather it’s other crocheters, painters, scuplters… there is always someone else out there that shares you passion and wants to show the world what they can do. Now, the things that’s great about this is that much like with the traditional mediums, every crating artisan has their own unique view and take on how they think something should look. Case in point. While both the artist I’ll be showcasing today making dragon plushies, I think you’ll agree that their styles are really quite different!

Dragon Group by hontor

I love the diversity in hontor’s dragon designs. While broken down to just their simple shapes, they still express movement with the varied colors and accessories. One of the few male plush deisgners I’ve ever seen, hontor bases the majority of his work on fantasy creatures such as Dragon Ram hybrid, a Manticore, and even chibi Timber Wolves. The plushies only showcase a small portion of his work as he also creates in sculpture, paint, and mixed media. His gallery is a treat to spend time in if you love detailed fantasy art.

Green Dragon by Sci00

Sci00 on the other hand, really tries to capture the beauty and movement of a dragon in much larger plushies. My personal favorite detail is how she’s incorporated patterned fabric into her designs. I really feel like it give the plush the visual feel of the dragon scale motif without having to use actual scales. Similar to hontor, Sci00 also dabbles in other mediums such as sculpture, mixed media, and haberdashery!  Her newer work of late has been quite impressive and I hope to see more of her in the future. 🙂